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Off the wagon?

Hello, Wonderful Humans


At Real Life Medicine, our mission is to empower you to make the changes necessary for good health so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Sounds simple right?

We know, like many things, it’s not that simple.

If it was, you would have already done it, right?


We know! It’s hard!


There are many reasons why it can be hard. The answer is not as simple as follow this recipe and you’ll be healthy or do this 2-week meal plan and you’ll be fine or here’s an app-log in!. 

The complexities include-

  • Mixed Advice on Healthy Eating (The so-called diet wars)
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Insulin, Thyroid amongst others)
  • Addiction to Certain Foods
  • Comfort Eating 
  • Celebratory Eating
  • Reward Eating 
  • Lack of Time 
  • Too Tired
  • Predatory Marketing (we love this term!)
  • Food Bullies
  • Food Enablers


And the list goes on…


Long term weight loss requires 2 main ingredients. 

  1. Addressing the physiology (understanding the hormones)
  2. Addressing the psychology (understanding the behaviour)


You need both. They go together. 

Like day and night

Like yin and yang

Like give and take


So let’s have a little chat on one aspect of the psychological change needed.


Behavioural Change (dum-dum-de-daa 🎶)


Long term behavioural change requires 3 things

  1. Practice
  2. Patience 
  3. Persistence


So often people start a program, a healthy lifestyle and they make a mistake and the give up. That little voice says… I can’t do this….It’s too hard… Stuff it… I’m going to eat the cake, the biscuit etc. They fall off the wagon, so to speak.


What if we look at it like this…

You’ve decided to run away and join the circus. (Yes I know...sounds tempting!)

You’re going to be a tight-rope walker…

This circus has the best tight-rope walker in all the land. 

You want to learn from the expert tight-rope walker.

Your aim is to walk the tight-rope in the big top with no safety net


Does the ringmaster expect that on your first night you are going to walk the tight-rope in front of a big crowd with no safety net? 

Of course not!

You have to learn it first.

You’re ready to learn

As the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

And so the expert tight-rope walker helps you, teaches you, encourages you... 

They give you all the tips, all the tricks they have learnt from years of experience.

And you practice…


With a rope of the ground. 

You walk up and down that rope and if you make a mistake, a wobble, fall off…

You just keep practising. 

You persist. Do you give up after the first wobble? No


After some time, the tight rope is raised off the ground- about knee height.

Again more practice. 

Your fellow circus buddies encourage you. “You can do it!”

Some wobbles.

You persist

You’re patient. 

There are days when you want to give up. It seems so hard. It feels like you will never get there. You keep going. You ask for help when it gets hard.  

You focus on your goal to walk the tight-rope in the big top.

You think about the crowd clapping in amazement. You think of the exhilaration. Your transformation to becoming an expert tight-rope walker.

You practice and practice and you’re ready.

You know it. You can feel it!

You’re going to walk the tight-rope in the big top.

At first, you do it without the crowd and with the safety net in place. 

You’re up high and you’re doing it. 

All that practice is paying off.  

You are confident, focussed and ready.

You can walk that tight-rope with your eyes shut. You have practised it so often. 

It’s a skill, a habit that’s now automatic. 


Finally, the day comes. You are triumphant. 

You walk the tight-rope in the big top without a safety net.

You feel amazing. 

You are confident about your skills.

You have mastered it.

You are now an expert tight-rope walker

But to remain skilled, you keep practising. 

You keep performing. 

There are days when you don’t want to but you persist. 

You practice.

After all, you are an expert tight-rope walker and that’s what expert tight-rope walkers do.


If you want to learn how to change your lifestyle...

If you’re ready to learn new skills...

If you’re willing to practice...

Then we are here to help you. 

We are the expert tight-rope walkers (hee-hee metaphorically of course!)


At Real Life Medicine, we combine our knowledge as medical doctors with our expertise in behavioural change to help you achieve your goals. 

We give you all our tips and tricks.

We guide you, coach you, encourage you.

We’re there when it feels hard. 


If you’re ready, your teacher has appeared!

Head over now and join Real Life Momentum and we will help you walk your tightrope without a safety net!


With Love and Good Health


Lucy and Mary xx


Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson. 


P.S. We are offering our course The 7 Steps to Real Health and Weight Loss for free as a bonus to those who join Momentum. This course is valued at $1497 and normally sells for $597 and it’s yours for FREE while you’re a Momentum member. 

We had a hundred spots but they’re going like Low Carb hotcakes and there’s only 39 left. 



Here’s what one of our Momentum members said recently 


“There is so much confusion and conflicting information around healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and in particular weight loss.  l had moved from one fad diet to the next with only short term results and increasing despair.


Real Life Medicine has been like a breath of fresh air -  its not a diet plan -  its a holistic program that educates you around the benefits of healthy eating, exercise, stress management and relaxation. The support is phenomenal and the positive attitudes infectious.

I am confident l am finally on the right path.”


Sue Kloet 


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