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Real Life Medicine

Helping you optimise your health and achieve long lasting weight loss

How can we help you?

We help women who are sick to death of dieting optimise their health and achieve long lasting weight loss without feeling deprived or miserable. We do this through our 3 step framework

 Women who do this have

✔️ more energy,

✔️more confidence and

✔️feel better in their body. 

They avoid chronic disease and live full and active lives, no longer sitting on the  sidelines, 

So if you have tried every diet under the sun - including the cabbage diet, the soup diet, Weight Watchers and Noom, (we know, we tried them too! 🙈) then we can help you with long lasting weight loss- done the healthy way. 



The 4 week Body Rebalance is our go-at-your-own-pace program that delves into the metabolic side of health and weight loss. There is a snippet of mindset work with 4 of our best hypnosis recordings.

The 4 week Body Rebalance is perfect for you if 

✔️ You want to focus on metabolic health, reverse insulin resistance and want to lose weight without hunger 

✔️ you want a shorter self paced course  

✔️ You don't need mindset management but want to understand how your body works 

✔️ You want to do the 12 week but can't commit to this round so you're looking for something in the meantime.


The 12 WMBR is an in-depth holistic program that gets to the heart of emotional eating and mindset management. It's for people who know they eat for reasons other than hunger and want to change. The next round starts AUGUST 31

Real Health

Our Food

We promote a whole food, low carbohydrate way of eating. This has been scientifically proven to reduce weight, improve inflammation, and reverse many cases of diabetes. The food is delicious and we can guarantee, you won't be hungry! We also get into the guts of gut health, an emerging area that is clearly important to our health.

Our Mind

Weight loss psychology is so important! We empower you to harness your mind - the most powerful tool in the quest for good health. We get to the heart of emotional eating. Imagine if you no longer fell victim to emotional eating. We teach you how to change your mindset, your habits, and offer you the ultimate reward of food freedom!

Our Environment

In this fast-paced world of pressure and deadlines, our bodies and brains are suffering.
Sleep, sunshine and social connection all affect our health and wellbeing. We explain the science behind this, and help you reconnect to the things that are important to optimise your health. Understanding cortisol is the key to long term sustainable weight loss.

Disaster Looming

There is a tsunami of chronic disease heading our way that threatens our health, our lives, and our community. We are experiencing record numbers of obesity, diabetes and chronic inflammation. We are flooded with depression, anxiety, stress and poor self-worth. We are tired, hungry and over-wrought. We are surviving but not thriving. This deluge of long term chronic health conditions will bankrupt our health system, but more importantly hurt us, our families and our friends. Something has to change!

Real Change is Possible

The exciting thing is that we have the ability to change our health path. 
At Real Life Medicine, as holistic weight loss doctors, we are here to help guide you. We will empower you to reclaim your health and live your life on your terms.
We offer real solutions to tackle weight loss and chronic metabolic health conditions. 
We address the physiological drive to eat using a real food low carbohydrate approach. Then we tackle the psychological drivers and get to the root cause of overwhelm. We do this with kindness, compassion and support. You can lose weight and reclaim your health!

Free Resources

The Doctors' Guide to Long Lasting Weight Loss

Imagine everything you were told about weight loss was wrong! Our free e-book is your first step on the path to stopping yo-yo dieting and achieving sustainable weight loss. It explains why and how metabolic hormones are driving fat storage, what macronutrients are, what you need to eat to lose weight, and why food is medicine.


Conquer Perimenopause: Your Ultimate Guide to Managing Symptoms

Ready to tackle perimenopause head-on? Download our comprehensive checklist, packed with practical tips and detailed instructions on managing symptoms. Explore both medication-based and non-medication treatment options. It's your essential tool for tracking symptoms and discussing your health with your doctor.


Say Goodbye to Diet Roller Coasters: Nourishing Low-Carb Recipes Delivered Weekly

Ready to ditch diet roller coasters? Try our nourishing, low-carb recipes! Sign up for weekly deliciousness that supports your health, boosts your metabolism, and keeps you satisfied. Transform your meals and feel your best!


The Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

The Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast gives you real advice from real doctors to help you lose weight and revolutionise your health.

Real health and weight loss is a journey and we, your hosts Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns from Real Life Medicine, are here with you every step of the way.

We are here to bust through some myths and give you actionable advice.

You can change your future starting now!


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About Us

Dr Mary Barson

Doctor, Biochemist, Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist 

Dr Mary Barson has an honours degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in addition to being a doctor. She has extensive knowledge of body systems! She is also qualified in clinical hypnosis and has extensive experience in compassion-based therapy. Dr Mary also walks the walk, having addressed her own metabolic health following a diagnosis of PCOS, by adopting a low carbohydrate real food lifestyle. 

Dr Lucy Burns

Doctor, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist 

Dr Lucy Burns is passionate about helping women lose weight and reclaim their health. She was overweight and an "expert yo-yo dieter", until it all stopped "working". Addressing her mindset was the key to changing her lifestyle and making healthy habits permanent. She has extensive training in this area and her analogies are well known!


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