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Podcast Episode 154

Dieting Doesn't Work

Join Dr Lucy Burns and guest, Nikki Simpson, for a captivating conversation around the world of lipoedema, diet culture, and the power of real food in healing both the body and mind. Lipoedema, a condition affecting the adipose (fatty) tissue of the body, remains widely undiagnosed, silently affecting countless women. Nikki courageously shares her personal journey of self diagnosing lipoedema after many years of believing that her growing lower body was due to overeating. This misguided belief led to a long deep plunge into diet culture, where she embarked on a relentless cycle of restriction, low fat eating, and excessive exercise. Dismissed by many healthcare practitioners, Nikki used her expertise as a medical scientist to research why adhering to the prevailing beliefs around calories and exercise was not working. This scientific exploration led her to the life changing benefits of a keto diet, which in turn led to a profound healing of the chronic fatigue and debilitating pain that Nikki had endured for years. Tune in to this compelling episode to discover how Nikki's journey towards healing unfolded, the book that launched both Dr Lucy and Nikki on their paths to real health, and the health levers Dr Lucy prescribes for taking control of your own health, ditching the diets for good!

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Podcast Episode 153

Want to be a hottie?

You’re going to love today’s empowering episode as Dr Mary and Dr Lucy delve into the topic of embracing being a "Hoti" - Healthy On The Inside! In a world obsessed with thinness, ripped abs, and the pursuit of being a "hottie" at any cost, the doctors explore the profound benefits of prioritising internal wellbeing over external aesthetics. You’ll learn about the transformative and achievable steps of simplifying your diet and nourishing your cells, creating metabolic health that goes far beyond mere physical appearance. Dr Mary debunks the notion that health can be defined by external beauty standards, unravelling the food politics, fat politics and environment politics behind our epidemic of metabolic disease and our cultural obsession with thinness. Dr Lucy dives into how the food industry prioritises profits over our health, exposing the unsettling truth about the marketing tactics that trap us in a cycle of craving and consumption, as we unwittingly compromise our health for perceived bargains. You’ll love the doctors’ valuable insights into how to reject your role as an individual consumerism unit to big business, and reclaim your health and future as an actual human being. So brace yourself for a revealing discussion about the true definition of health, how our incredibly complex cells need simple actions to thrive, why staying out of hospital is one of the best ways you can help the environment, and why being a hoti is so much hotter than being a hottie!

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Podcast Episode 152

KISS the carbs goodbye: simple steps to improve your health

Today Dr Lucy is joined by the adventurous Dr Lizzie Elliott, a GP with a diverse range of sub-specialities to her name, including expedition medicine and hyperbaric & diving medicine! Dr Lizzie’s current adventure is her focus on lifestyle medicine where she is empowering patients to reverse fatty liver and type 2 diabetes with low carb real food “life scripts.” Listen as Dr Lizzie dives into the flawed “calories in, calories out” mantra, how the caloric value of each food is determined by setting food on fire, and why this rudimentary measurement system fails to account for all of the enzymatic and hormonal processes that occur in our body. Dr Lucy and Dr Lizzie chat about the supplement industry and iron deficiencies, as well as Dr Lizzie’s favourite K.I.S.S. method for carb reduction for those of us who love to keep it simple! So get ready for an information packed episode where you’ll discover the reasons behind Dr Lucy’s daughter’s obsession with eating ice, why Australia has the distinction of having the most expensive urine in the world, and why keeping a food diary can be an invaluable tool on your health and wellness adventure.

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Podcast Episode 151

Is fear stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals?

Are you stuck in an endless cycle, unable to escape old habits? Does the fear of failure or the fear of missing out hold you back from living a healthy and fulfilling life? In today’s powerful episode, you’ll hear Dr Mary beautifully explain how fear is a master storyteller weaving stories that can become ingrained in our minds, convincing us that we are destined for perpetual disappointment. Dr Lucy discusses FOMO (fear of missing out), and FOSO - a Dr Lucyism for “fear of standing out,” sharing how these fears can be dismantled with the right tools, the right mentors, and the right tribe. You’ll hear how the doctors’ signature 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance program prioritises these three pillars of change, focussing on nourishing your mind and your cells, rather than fixating on the numbers on the scales. Dr Lucy explains why weight loss is chemistry not maths, and delves into how traditional dieting methods ignore the intricate chemistry in our cells, inevitably leading to nutrient deficiencies and weight re-gain. Learn how the empowering 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance program encourages nourishment rather than punishment and abundance rather than deprivation, as well as offering a supportive community and live mentorship from both Dr Lucy and Dr Mary to help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Join the passionate Dr Lucy and compassionate Dr Mary on this transformative path, where fear loses its grip, and a balanced, healthy life awaits.

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Podcast Episode 150

Is Keto the Key to Relieving Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

In today’s informative episode, Dr Lucy is joined by Carla Veith-Carter, a psychologist and nutritionist, whose own health journey dealing with chronic metabolic dysfunction and fibromyalgia led her to a low carb, and eventually ketogenic, lifestyle. Carla shares how the anti-inflammatory effects of the ketogenic diet dramatically changed her health, and how she went from having so little energy that she was barely functioning, to running a business, caring for her family, sleeping well and thriving in her body, her career and her life. Dr Lucy highlights the medical community's tendency to dismiss patients with complex conditions, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, as being too difficult to treat. She also explains how she educates medical students on the importance of avoiding unhelpful questions that may cause shame or embarrassment for overweight patients. You’ll hear why one biscuit is a blip and a whole packet is a big hole, and how to reframe the self sabotaging stories in your mind so your blips don’t become big holes.  Carla explains why the most important part of nutrition is in your mind, and why using smaller plates is not the answer to losing weight. This episode is a powerful testament to why a low carb and ketogenic lifestyle is far more than just a weight loss tool, and why you shouldn’t fill your garage to the brim the day before you plan to empty it!

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Podcast Episode 149

How to achieve freedom around food

Are you tired of constantly battling sugar cravings? Would you like to be in complete control of your food choices, rather than food controlling you? If you're looking for food freedom, you won't want to miss this episode! Dr Lucy and Dr Mary share their personal journeys of achieving food freedom and how they no longer feel controlled by cravings, or dominated by shame around their bodies and eating habits. Like so many of us, Dr Mary never imagined she would ever have the freedom of walking through the supermarket past all of the chips and chocolates and ice cream without feeling any desire to eat them. You’ll hear how Dr Lucy was the Queen of Dieting, oscillating between smug deprivation and shame filled binges. She shares the skills and lessons she has implemented to now be living a life with no deprivation or shame. Listen in as the doctors share how to heal your physiology, manage your psychology, and nourish your body and mind with love, self-kindness, and zero feelings of deprivation. You’ll understand why teenage Mary was not a bad human for having butter on her toast, how Dr Lucy does not miss the diet rollercoaster chitter chatter in her brain, why you cannot hate yourself thin, and so much more! Don't miss this inspiring episode about how to achieve true food freedom!

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Podcast Episode 148

A Low Carb Unicorn

In this episode, Dr Lucy is joined by the wonderful Dr Terri-Lynne South. Dr Terri-Lynne is a rare breed of expert who brings a fascinating blend of medical and nutritional knowledge to the low carb world. It's almost like discovering a unicorn, but instead of a mythical creature, you get an accomplished medical doctor and qualified dietitian rolled into one remarkable individual. As she approaches a milestone birthday, Dr Terri-Lynne reflects on her professional journey and how her personal experience with her daughter's type one diabetes diagnosis led her family to embrace a low carbohydrate lifestyle. As someone who previously followed the Australian dietary pyramid recommending seven servings of breads and cereals, Dr Terri-Lynne’s story is a fascinating look at how personal experience can shape our understanding of nutrition. Listen in to learn about the Maintenance Myth in the dieting merry-go-round, why nuance doesn't get you 500 million Instagram followers and which phrase is one of Dr Lucy's favourite metaphors for life!

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Podcast Episode 147

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

In today’s motivating episode, Dr Lucy is joined by outspoken low carb legend Dr Peter Brukner for an eye opening and entertaining discussion. Dr Brukner recaps his personal journey from being a metabolically unwell sports physician to a reluctant but determined advocate for low carb real food. He shares his concerns about the lack of attention given to type 2 diabetes, despite it being the biggest single health issue in Australia, and sheds light on the sneaky ways sugar is added to our food, with most processed food products containing far more sugar than people realise. You’ll hear how the marketing juggernaut that is the processed food industry has propagated myths to persuade us to choose taste and convenience over nutrition and health, and why Dr Lucy sees ‘Up and Go’ as the shining example of this practice! This inspirational discussion between two knowledgeable and passionate doctors is filled with a wealth of information for anyone interested in reclaiming their health, including the answer to the burning question, can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

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Podcast Episode 146

Navigating the challenging world of feeding your family

Get ready for a lively, inspiring conversation as Dr Lucy talks to Leah Williamson, the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who loves a chat! Leah shares her philosophy of choosing simplicity over convenience when it comes to meal preparation, and how the abundance of highly processed, convenience foods and the bombardment of marketing from so many sources has made it difficult for us to choose the right foods for our health. You will love the simplicity of Leah’s secret for making a healthy meal, as well as her tips for minimising stress around mealtimes and easily making real food meals part of family life. You’ll hear about Dr Lucy’s personal experience of growing up with a mother who was heavily influenced by diet culture, and Leah’s own journey of how feeding her children inspired her to help families find a nutrient dense and bio individual approach to food. Leah offers tips on how to help children feel confident in their food choices, and Dr Lucy reminds us that eating is not a team sport! So, tune in to this informative episode and discover how we can all eat real food and make choices that work for us!

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Podcast Episode 145

Why changing perspectives helps with weight loss

In this informative episode, Dr Lucy and Dr Mary explore the fascinating world of mindset and its impact on weight loss and overall health. Dr Mary shares valuable insights into the importance of examining the stories our brains tell us, and understanding where these stories come from so we can work towards overcoming limiting, and untrue, beliefs. Hear how the unhelpful thoughts triggered by the words “no sugar” have led to the rebranding of the No Sugar Challenge to the Low Carb Real Food Challenge, and how the name change more accurately reflects Real Life Medicine’s philosophy of abundance and choice, rather than a restrictive, deprivation based approach to weight loss. This episode is a great listen for anyone wanting to learn why mindset is not discipline, how to create and cultivate confidence (tip: it is not from drinking a magical elixir), how to become an overnight success in 10 years' time...and much more!


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Podcast Episode 144

Meet the Meat Medics

Join Dr Lucy on this fantastic double feature as she talks to two medical doctors about their carnivorous diet! This is a golden opportunity to hear firsthand from medical professionals who have journeyed towards good health and have a deep desire to see their patients living their best lives. Listen as the delightful Dr Max Gulhane shares his personal journey from following conventional dietary guidelines to eventually adopting a carnivorous diet, resulting in significant improvements in his health, resolving issues such as severe acne, bloating, and recurrent colds. Next, you'll hear from the affable Dr Suresh Khirwadkar, who also shares his personal journey with a carnivorous diet and how he has finally overcome his sugar addiction and significantly increased his energy levels. Both doctors delve into the importance of making sustainable lifestyle changes for weight loss and overall health, emphasising that these are individual choices. As Dr Lucy says, "Eating is not a team sport!" If you're curious about the carnivorous diet and its potential health benefits, this insightful episode is a must-listen.

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Podcast Episode 143

Anzac Biscuits: How our food has evolved over the last 100 years

On this day of commemoration and gratitude for all those who served in the armed forces, join Dr Lucy and Dr Mary as they examine the Anzac biscuit's journey from its humble beginnings as a wartime necessity to its present day commercialised incarnation. They explore the differences in recipe, processing and shelf life and discuss the implications of these changes on our health and wellbeing. You’ll learn how our bodies have also changed in the 110 years since the birth of the Anzac biscuit, and why the people enduring World War 1 were able to endure sugar far more efficiently and effectively than we can now.
Listen as Dr Lucy explains why the mantra of “just eating everything in moderation” is so harmful when it comes to ultra processed foods that are designed to be unmoderatable and hear Dr Mary clearly explain why and how our brains and bodies are being hijacked by these food products. This informative and thought-provoking discussion will show you why you are not to blame for overeating foods that have been specifically manufactured to be overeaten! If you're interested in food history, nutrition, and the impact of the processed food industry on our health, this episode is a must listen.

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Podcast Episode 142

The doctor who teaches doctors

Join us as we chat to the joyful and passionate Dr Louise Phillips about how she incorporates her low carb knowledge around metabolic health into her teaching of other doctors, and how she works with her patients to target early signs of metabolic syndrome. She is a holistic general practitioner tackling the current mainstream medical institution with her compelling, evidence-based presentations that sow the seeds for medical students, registrars, and experienced GPs alike. You will love listening to Louise’s take on managing the tsunami of metabolic syndrome facing Australians today.


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Podcast Episode 141

The keys to sustainable weight management

Join Dr Lucy as she welcomes back the indefatigable Dr Gary Fettke, one of our favourite pioneers in the low carb space. Dr Fettke shares his experience of being targeted for speaking out about sugar and processed foods and how it led to a battle of biochemistry versus politics, religion, and money. Listen in as he talks about the evolution of diet, the importance of paying attention to what we fuel our bodies with, and the need to overhaul the outdated and harmful food pyramid and dietary guidelines that are still being dispensed by medical professionals. Learn how the religious zealotry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church formed and still controls the monolithic grain and sugar industry and why well-meaning vegans have become unwitting foot soldiers for a church. Don't miss this insightful conversation about low carb, healthy fat eating, the power of one man’s determination against powerful industries, why Lucy detests “Just Egg” and why Gary loves the portal vein!

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Podcast Episode 140

Can I eat more food and still lose weight?

In this refreshing episode of Real Health and Weight Loss, we hear the wonderful low carb dietitian (a rare unicorn!) Jessica Turton delve into the common misconceptions around calorie restriction and weight loss, particularly in relation to the popular notion of ‘eating less and moving more.’ Jessica and Dr Lucy talk about why this approach is just not sustainable psychologically or physically for maintaining any rapid weight loss that may occur initially. They also touch on the human tendency to compare ourselves to others when it comes to weight loss progress, which can lead to unnecessary despondency and demotivation, when the evidence shows that most people who lose large amounts of weight very quickly will most likely not have maintained this weight loss in a year’s time. So do yourself a favour and tune in to this insightful and informative discussion for a really clear understanding of why eating more of the right type of foods is a far more realistic and healthy mantra than eating less of everything.

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Podcast Episode 139

Small steps for big changes

Get ready to be inspired and motivated as Dr Lucy and Dr Mary discuss the power of setting achievable goals and breaking them down into manageable steps, taking action no matter how small, and reframing negative thoughts into positive ones. Learn about the importance of tracking your progress, building a supportive community, and developing self-trust. You’ll hear about Dr Lucy’s early morning swims, why Dr Mary wishes the word “perfect” could be banished from our vocabulary, and why an “all or something” mindset can help you on your health and wellness journey far more effectively than “all or nothing” thinking. This episode is jam packed with laughs about housework, an insight into the psychology behind motivation and practical tips on goal setting and outsourcing your motivation!


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Podcast Episode 138

What exactly is metabolism?

This week Dr Lucy chats with the brilliant exercise physiologist, Kirsty Woods, about metabolic health being one of the fundamental factors in overall health and wellbeing. Discover how you can be "tofi" - thin on the outside but fat on the inside, and the pointlessness of relying on scales as a measure of health...we could all just chop off a limb to get the number on the scales down! Listen as they delve into what metabolism is, what makes us metabolically healthy, and how metabolic testing can change the conversation to focussing on the root causes behind obesity and its comorbidities instead of blaming and shaming the people struggling with these conditions.

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Podcast Episode 137

The keys to sustainable weight management

Join Dr Lucy and Dr Mary as they discuss the keys to sustainable weight loss in their latest episode. Learn why healing your physiology and managing your psychology are crucial for achieving real health and long-term weight loss. Discover how toxic diet culture and the pressure to be perfect can sabotage your progress, and why self-acceptance and consistency are integral to success. Be your own compassionate scientist and experiment to find what works for you. Don't let the number on the scale define your worth. Try something new today!


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Podcast Episode 136

Courageous campaigner for the truth

The wonderful Belinda Fettke joins Dr Lucy again. In this episode, she unpacks the origins of the first dietetic association in the USA. Belinda is an incredible investigator, and you will learn the reason behind the demonising of animal protein and fats, and let us tell you…it has nothing to do with your good health! They also discuss why the wheels of government grind slowly, and it takes a lawsuit for regulations around trans fats. The harms to our health were known way before regulations were imposed, but vested interest groups got in the way. As usual, this is a thought provoking conversation that you won’t want to miss.



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Podcast Episode 135

Understand your emotions and improve your health.

How are you feeling? No, really... How are you feeling? Can you name your feelings? Naming emotions is an important component of emotional literacy. By giving a name to our emotions, we can better understand them and gain greater control over our actions, habits and health. Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson discuss how working on your "emotional literacy" can improve your health long-term. How emotionally literate are you? 

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Podcast Episode 134

Why does your doctor prescribe medication?

Dr Lucy chats with Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith, a low carb and keto doctor from Adelaide. A few years ago Dr Laureen found herself obese, with fatty liver and poor metabolic health. She was following the advice she gave her patients in being healthy and it wasn’t working. As a doctor this was deeply shameful. They chat about the reasons the current nutritional guidelines don’t work, the reasons many doctors prescribe certain medications and the origins of many clinical guidelines.



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Podcast Episode 133

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Mitochondria, the "powerhouse" of the cell, are vital for energy production. They are also responsible for all kinds of amazing things including regulating insulin signalling and glucose metabolism. Having healthy mitochondria is essential to good health and feeling well.

Impaired mitochondrial function can make us feel sick and tired, and can lead to oxidative stress, inflammation, and impaired glucose metabolism, which can contribute to insulin resistance.

Chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ischaemic heart disease, and some cancers have also been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns discuss the healthy steps you can take, including a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, to help boost the health of these vital little organelles.



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Podcast Episode 132

It's never too late to look after yourself

Dr. Lucy and nutritionist Lynda Rose discuss the five key factors for ageing well: regular physical activity, a healthy diet, good sleep habits, stress management, and social connections. They also highlight the benefits of incorporating strength training and adopting a low-carb eating plan. Remember, it's never too late to start making positive changes for your health. By incorporating these pillars into your daily routine, you are maximising your potential for a healthy and happy future.

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Podcast Episode 131

How do I eat to lose weight?

What does the science say about healthy eating and weight loss? It is important to be open-minded about new discoveries and insights in the ever-evolving field of nutrition. Recent research suggests that high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets are effective for metabolic healing and weight loss. These diets prioritise protein intake and recommend around 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, which is often a lot more than many of us have been previously told to eat. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and it's essential to consider the current science when making food choices. Late-night snacking and cravings are a big problem for many of us! It is totally possible to overcome late-night snacking with the right tools. By healing our physiology with the right kind of nutrition and learning to become aware of our thoughts and emotions you can break free from destructive patterns and establish a more balanced, nourishing relationship with food.



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Podcast Episode 130

Living a low carb lifestyle

Dr Lucy chats with low carb enthusiast Emma Martin who, like many of us, stumbled across the low carb lifestyle when she tried “the keto diet”. The improvement in her own health has her shouting from the rooftops. She provides practical and actionable advice on how to incorporate a low carb lifestyle into your daily routine.

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Podcast Episode 129

You can change your mind

Dr Lucy and Dr Mary discuss the way our brain works and how many of our responses are automatic learned responses. Our brain has two jobs. One is to keep us safe and the other is to make us feel better. Many of our behaviours can be traced back to these two concepts. They chat about the meaning of being triggered and what that feels like in our body and what it does to our brains. Best of all Dr Mary gives you a simple tool that you can use when you are triggered that will help you feel calmer and make decisions that ultimately serve you better. 

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Podcast Episode 128

What should children eat?

In this world of confusing dietary and health messaging, Dr Lucy chats with nutritionist Claire McDonnell-Liu about her work in children’s health. 

Claire's passion is helping schools improve the food they offer children at canteens and school activities. She started her work after her own children developed medical conditions that required dietary intervention. As a mum, she realised how difficult it is to navigate this path in an environment that is not set up to support families and now it is her mission to change that.



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Podcast Episode 127

Is food simply the sum of its nutrients?

The processed food industry would like you to believe this is true, however food is not simply the sum of its macros and micro nutrients. There is plenty of evidence that consumption of ultra processed food (UPF) is detrimental to our health. Join Dr Lucy and Dr Mary as they discuss the mechanisms by which processed food is harmful to health and  why we should limit the amount of UPF we eat. They also help you detect some of the sneaky health messaging on processed food and again, bring it back to the simple basics of eating real food with minimal processing for the majority of your diet. You can nurture yourself back to health with the power of real food. 


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Podcast Episode 126

A dietitian going against the grain

Join Dr Lucy as she chats with low carb dietitian Nicole Moore. Nicole has lived experience with the current dietary advice she was taught and implemented. She found that despite adhering to the guidelines and eating brown rice and legumes, she was unable to manage her weight. 

Like many of us she was looking for a solution and tried low carb - initially as a weight loss diet - but ultimately she felt so well that it became her lifestyle. Her health improved and now she lives and breathes the low carb lifestyle.

Nicole is a wonderfully engaging speaker and many of you will relate to her story.

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Podcast Episode 125

Why do we fail time and time again?

The idea of failure is familiar to many of us. We try to lose weight, things go awry and we go back to where we started – along with a few extra pounds. Today Dr Lucy and Dr Mary discuss the reasons why this happens, and for the majority of us it was that we were given bad advice. The wrong advice resulted in physiological hunger and the thinking that we just needed to be stricter or more disciplined. Unlearning this harmful approach can be so liberating. Managing physiological hunger then gives you the space to deal with emotional hunger. Unlearning those stories is where the magic truly happens.


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Podcast Episode 124

Is Carnivore Healthy?

In this fabulous episode, Dr Lucy Burns and special guest Dr Anthony Chaffee discuss the issue of misinformation in nutrition and the limitations of studies linking certain foods to disease. They delve into the carnivore movement and Dr Chaffee shares his unique journey with diet and nutrition as a former professional rugby player and neurosurgical registrar. The doctors highlight the importance of being cautious when interpreting the results of nutrition studies and the influence of funding on scientific research. A must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the truth behind the nutrition world!

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Podcast Episode 123

Love yourself on Valentine's 

Today Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson chat about why it can be so hard to embrace the phrase, “love yourself”. They chat about the concept of self-love and why you cannot hate yourself thin or berate yourself well. As usual, Dr Lucy has a beautiful dog analogy to explain why self-love is so important, and Dr Mary gives some tips on how you can start the nurturing and nourishing process of loving yourself back to health. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Podcast Episode 122

What's the point of weight loss?

On the surface this may seem like an obvious question but in fact it is much more nuanced. In this episode Dr Mary and Dr Lucy chat about why the process you follow to achieve weight loss is important for good health. 

Weight loss at any cost is goal driven where the only outcome that you measure success by, is the number on the scales. Weight Loss that is process driven means the focus is on doing the things that are good for you. Focusing on things that are lovely and nurturing for your body and feeling good along the way rather than using punitive measures is super helpful. In this way you feel good along the way, rather than waiting until the destination to feel good about yourself. You cannot hate yourself thin, you cannot berate yourself well, and you cannot use punitive measures for real health and sustainable weight loss.


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Podcast Episode 121

Sugar nearly killed me

We are all aware of the effects of sugar on our physical health but did you know it can affect our mental health too? Dr Lucy is joined by a real-life woman, Nerida Jelinek, who shares her story of sugar and carb addiction and its devastating effect on her mental health. She shares with us the remarkable transformation she has experienced, from being suicidal and wishing her life would end to now looking forward to her future and fulfilling her dreams. This has happened without medication simply by changing what she eats. Nerida is a living breathing example of the food and mood connection. Sugar and processed carbohydrates were literally stealing her life and whilst she has indeed lost 18kg, the joy of life she is now experiencing is the real revelation for her.

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Podcast Episode 120

Make the right thing easy, make the wrong thing hard

Research suggests that 40% of our behaviours come down to habits, so with that in mind Dr Lucy and Dr Mary give you some tips and tricks to help you form good habits. They chat about some of the helpful things you can do to cement habits and the reason you need to be kind to yourself whilst you are forging new habits. You cannot bully yourself into good habits, although many of us try. Good habits come by working with your brain and looking at your identity as means for behavioural change.  

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Podcast Episode 119

This little light of mine

Penny Armour was judged about her body size her whole life. For decades the messaging from well meaning (and not-so-well-meaning) people was that thinner was better. As a child Penny believed that unless she was successful with weight loss, she was not good enough. She believed that she was unworthy of love unless she was “normal size”.  This set her up for a life of yoyo dieting, self hatred and years and years of low self esteem. Consequently, Penny developed perfectionism. If it wasn’t perfect, then it was a failure. If she wasn’t perfect then she was a failure. She put everyone else’s needs above hers and as a result she got sicker and sicker. Listen to Penny’s story as she tells how the kindness of strangers made her recognise that she was worthy of love and good health. Penny discovers the power of self compassion and is able to let go of perfectionism. She is no longer an  “All or Nothing" person and her health transformation is nothing short of spectacular.


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Podcast Episode 118

Sneaky Sugar

Dr Lucy and Dr Mary discuss the sneaky ways sugar has now saturated food products found in supermarkets.  Foods that you may not realise even have sugar in them have now been  infiltrated by the sweet and savoury versions of sugar. 

They discuss the reasons excess sugar is harmful to health and the devious ways processed food companies disguise the sugar in their products.

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Podcast Episode 117

Why are Doctors Overweight?

In this episode Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson share their own stories around how they found themselves overweight, with poor metabolic health. They discuss toxic diet culture and the harm this process does to both our physiology and psychology. They chat about how they healed their physiology with low carb nutrition. They stumbled upon the miracle that low carb eating reduces hunger and only when this occurred were they then able to address their psychology.

Long term health involves changing your relationship with food but most importantly changing your relationship with yourself. For many of us, the desire to be smaller has been ingrained for decades. This can result in low self esteem and self loathing.  Changing this to one of self acceptance is a fundamental mindset shift, and one needed for good health.


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Podcast Episode 116

 Momentum in the New Year

Happy new year! The idea of a clean slate and a new start is highly alluring, yet we know that most New Year's resolutions fail. How can you turn your resolutions into real change that actually improves your life, your health and your well being? You can do it by setting intentions. Intentions require planning, scheduling, commitment, prioritisation and celebration of the process (and not just the desired end point). At first glance they do not seem as much fun as wispy, magical and dreamy resolutions. However, setting proper intentions is how we achieve the change that brings us real joy and real health and what we really want. Change is so much easier with the right support.


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