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Chief Bars & Biltong

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Our Cow

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Healthy Knees Program 

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Simply Swap 

Simply Swap was created by Linda and David for healthier baking alternatives. Their mission is to offer convenient, delicious swaps for your favourite foods, promoting the health benefits of real food. Click here to get 10% off. Use discount code RLM10.

Nourishme Organics 

Boost your health with Nourishme Organics' natural wellness products! Check out their website here.

Tina Tower

Unlock your full potential with Tina Tower's coaching! Elevate your business and personal life to new heights. Check out her website here.


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Mingle Seasonings 

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Kooee Snacks 

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Barbell Foods

Barbell Foods offers delicious, protein-packed meals for fitness enthusiasts. Fuel your active lifestyle with a tasty, wholesome food options.Use discount code LCRS25 here.


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