Join The Real Life Momentum Inner Circle

If you're looking for permanent weight loss, then you're in the right spot!


What Can you Expect?

Our exclusive inner circle is for those women who are serious about their transformation. If you're ready for some serious action but want trusted advice, then we can help you! If want to see yourself transformed from overweight and overwhelmed to full of health and in control, then this is the place for you. Imagine doing this for yourself but not by yourself!


Behavioural change can be hard but it's always easier when you have a supportive circle cheering you on, celebrating every win with you! You will have access to a supportive membership group-your own community of like-minded women. 

Challenge Pack

Each month you will receive a beautifully designed challenge pack delivered to your door packed full of information gold. This is to ensure that you take time to turn your knowledge into doing! Imagine your health transformed after doing 12 Real Life challenges!

A welcome Gift

In your first month, a welcome gift pack will arrive to your door-yes a REAL live in your hands pack, ready to set you up for success. This gift will set you on the road to success. 

Accountability Buddy

You will be matched with a buddy team from our exclusive inner circle. You and your teammates will be able to cheer each other on inside our community. Your own personal cheer squad to ensure you keep your momentum and succeed. Nothing like some gal pals to get the momentum going!

Weekly Live Coaching Call

Each week you will have access to a live webinar hosted by Dr Lucy or Dr Mary. You can have your questions answered, myths busted and your own trusted source of valuable information. The webinars will be recorded so you can watch them in your own time in your PJs if you want to!  


As an inner circle member you have exclusive access to our annual Low Carb Ladies Long Lunch. A fabulous event included with your membership where you can meet other members of your inner circle.  Imagine sitting around enjoying a delicious low carb lunch with your gal pals.

A Monthly Mantra

You will receive a beautiful downloadable mantra that will be aligned with our monthly challenge. These are mantras, that we use all the time, have taken us from overweight and overwhelmed to in control and full of health.

Email Us!

You can email us with your questions and Dr Lucy or  Dr Mary will respond . You will have access to us 5 days a week and your questions will be answered in 24 hours or at the next coaching call. 


A monthly  hypnotherapy session will be available for you to download onto your phone so you can harness the power of your subconscious. Imagine being able to move through those blockages that are holding you back-once and for all! 

The Investment in your Health

Your health is a priceless resource. We so often take it for granted. So imagine your transformation as you achieve all your health goals. You have access to all of these tools AUD $147 per month or USD $97 for our international members.

Yes I Want That Ongoing Commitment.

We know behavioural change is hard. This is why we have developed the inner circle so you have a place to come to for support with like minded women. We understand that life can be challenging but that together we can overcome these challenges with good support.


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