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Is Up & Go a healthy breakfast?

Is Sanitarium™️ Up & Go™️  a healthy brekky? 

Is Up and Go good for kids? 

We get asked this question all-the-time!


This product is marketed to the busy person who not only doesn’t have time to make breakfast, but they don't have time to eat it!

This in itself is a myth, but we’ll get to that soon. 


So the first thing to note is that Sanitarium™️ positions itself as a health food company. 

In fact, it’s called Sanitarium™️ The Health Food Company. 

Both the company and its products are far from healthy. 


Sanitarium is a processed food company, selling vegetarian products and is wholly owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. As such, Sanitarium is a charitable institution and does not pay tax. The nutritional advice they give is aligned with their religious ideology that meat is sinful. They fund lots of research to validate this point of view. Sadly much of the research is flawed. 


Now let’s discuss Up & Go™️

So what is the right type of energy?? 

Hate to tell you this Sanitarium but energy is energy.- no need to moralise it.

The energy that our body can use comes from fat and carbohydrates. That’s it.

Clearly, it’s important to them. They have mentioned it twice. “The right type of energy.


Let’s check the ingredients. There are a lot of processed ingredients in here, many of which are not healthy. Maltodextrin, sugar, vegetable oils, soy protein, fructose and a whole pile of chemical numbers stand out as being products far away from real food. 

The real food in here is water! 


Vegetable oils contain high levels of Omega 6. To find out more about his head to our blog here on good fats and bad fats


Maltodextrin, os a synthetic food additive used to thicken food plays havoc on our gut. See here for more info.


Now the nutritional panel

In one tetra pack-250mls, there is the equivalent of 6 teaspoons of sugar. Remembering of course that all carbohydrates are broken down to chains of glucose. Seriously 6 teaspoons of sugar! So come on Sanitarium make your junk food if you have to but don’t pretend it’s healthy. Don’t sell it to parents for their kids. 

So let’s swap this chemical monstrosity for some natural yoghurt, a few berries and some nuts. Its quick, nutrient-dense and above all it’s real food.

Take care, wonderful humans. 

With love and good health 

Dr Mary and Dr Lucy


Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy are the coowners of Real Life Medicine and help women who have been on every diet under the sun, improve their metabolism and learn mindset skills so they can achieve optimal health and long lasting weight loss. With this comes increased energy, vitality and confidence. You can avoid chronic disease and stop living life on the sidelines!



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