Doctor's healthy food recommendations - green and red list!

Real Food

Low Carb, Real food  (LCRF)...

is one of the linchpins to long term sustainable weight loss. 

Highly processed "diet foods and diet shakes" do not work. They hijack your satiety (fullness) and leave you hungry, tired and overweight. 

They wreak havoc on your body, leaving it inflamed.

At Real Life Medicine, we eat using these food lists.

They are low carb, low inflammatory foods that will nourish your body, nurture your brain and help you achieve REAL health and weight loss. 

They are divided into the Green List. 

You can eat anything on this list.

 the RED list. Avoid eating anything on this list

and the ORANGE list, which you can eat in smaller amounts

Listen to your body.

Eat when you're hungry-stop when you're full.


In good health,

Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns


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