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What's stopping you lose weight? Part 1


Join us in a three-part series, we’re calling “What’s stopping you lose weight?”. 

There are three main mind blocks that people have around losing weight permanently. 


Today, let’s talk about the first one and probably the most common one we see in clinical practice. It is “I’ve tried before-nothing works. I can’t lose weight.”


Most people who say this, actually believe it and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you honestly believe it, then your subconscious will go about and make sure that it comes true. The so-called “self sabotage.” 


It is not true- everybody can lose weight. For some people, it’s easier than others but with the right tools 

Every. Single. Person. Can. Lose. Body. Fat. 


So why do people say it and what does it actually mean?


Well for some people they have been given the wrong advice. The old advice of “eat less and move more”, also known as “calories in and calories out.” A very simplistic and frankly unhelpful paradigm has meant that many women have not been able to lose weight using this formula. Have you done this?

You’ve diligently attended the gym. You’ve performed rigorous exercise. You’ve calorie restricted and found yourself tired and hungry?

When the weight doesn’t shift you feel like a failure.

This cycle is repeated and repeated. You see other people losing weight and think “It’s my fault I just can’t lose weight!”

So let us just say it’s not your fault! 

You’ve been given the wrong tools.


The next reason women say “I’ve tried before-nothing works. I can’t lose weight.” is about self-belief and trusting themselves to stick to a program. If you do something believing that you will fail, or it’s not going to work or it’s too hard then you are right. Your identity is someone who can’t succeed. Changing your thoughts around this is all about a success mindset. Start with small wins. Commit to small goals and trust yourself to make those goals. Start small and build a success mindset. 


Finally, the last mind block we want to talk about is timing. Some women will come into our clinics for follow up. They declare, “It’s not working I haven’t lost a thing.”. We will talk about non-scale victories and how the scales are only one data point for health.  But this is the kicker-they hop on the scales which show, let’s say, a 1.6kg loss and they dismay “Is that all? It’s too slow. It’s not enough!” Imagine what that does to your brain? Even when your body has released fat, even when the scales have gone down,  you tell yourself, “It’s not enough”. 


So lovely ladies, have you ever experienced any of these situations? 

If you have, then talk to us!

This is our (low-carb 😂) jam. 

Losing weight permanently and reclaiming your health is not easy. 

If it was, you would have already done it!


But the tools you need are 

1/ Sound nutritional advice free from industry bias, that addresses the hormonal causes of weight gain. This is called the physiology of weight management 

2/ Mindset coaching that addresses deep-seated thought pathways around success and self-belief. This is the psychology of weight management.


If you would like help with these, head over to our website and connect with us.

We offer 

  • Private consultations both in-person and on-line
  • Our signature online program The Seven Steps to Real Health and Weight Loss
  • A membership program called Real Life Momentum. 


In health,

Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns

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