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Why weight loss can be fun!

weight loss Nov 09, 2022

You have a goal. It might be to lose 35kg (77 pounds), it might be to improve your blood sugars, or it might be to get fit enough to hike the mountain trail you have always dreamed of. Whatever your health goal. You will get there much more easily if you have fun!.

What on earth could be fun about losing weight I hear you ask?

It's a good question.

If you follow the Real Life Medicine framework, then good health and weight loss really can be fun.  Seriously.

Our framework heals the metabolism (addresses the physiology of weight loss) and manages the mind (the psychology of weight loss).

We empower people to lose weight with a low carb real food lifestyle. This heals and rebalances the metabolic hormones and fixes the underlying cause of increased weight gain. With low carb real food, you can heal the metabolism and lose weight without being hungry. Weight loss is NOT about counting calories, it is about healing your metabolic hormones with real food. And when you do that, there is no need to count calories, no need to go hungry.  It can be great fun to enjoy delicious low carb meals knowing that your body is healing for permanent weight loss and life-long health.

We also empower people to understand how their minds work and develop mindset skills that keep them on track. Mindset management is NOT about discipline. It is about understanding the stories in your head that lead you to emotionally eat/overeat/choose unhelpful foods, and with self-kindness and self-compassion, change your inner stories. It can be great fun, breaking free of the guilt and shame around food.

More than this, we help you enjoy the journey. In a beautiful shared community of like-minded people all working together to achieve their health goals, there is a lot of fun to have along the way. 

It is possible to heal your metabolism, lose weight by eating yummy (real) food, let go of guilt, be kind to yourself and share the whole glorious journey with wonderful supportive people.

Weight loss can indeed be fun.

It is great to have a goal. Direction and purpose are important. But if your goal feels a long way away, it is easy to feel disheartened.

If you can enjoy the process of making healthy changes, and accepting little mistakes and failures then you are very likely to keep going until your goals are achieved. The goal is like your compass, and all the lovely daily changes and tweaks you make to your food and mindset are the wonderful adventures you enjoy as you progress towards your goal. 

Weight loss is serious. Few things are more important than your health. However, it can also be seriously fun.

Join the fun in our 7 Day no sugar challenge - reset your health before the new year, and have fun doing it!


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