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Creating healthy new habits can lead to sustainable weight loss

Want to lose weight? Find your "why" and find your people, then you will find your way

We all know, health is not something that happens in the doctor’s office three times a year. Health is the result of daily commitment and recommitment to healthy habits.

The thing about habits is, they are habitual. Deeply ingrained behaviours that take a while to change, to erase or develop.

Habit change is totally doable! We help hundreds of people in our clinical practice eat more healthily, sleep more, manage stress and much, much more

Want to scrap the morning tea chocolate binge? Want to go to bed on time? Want to have that early morning walk? Maybe you want to meditate daily but haven’t quite yet managed it.

You can have all the healthy changes you want. It takes commitment and effort, but you can change for the better. Sometimes, a little strategy is useful to help you get to your health goals faster.


Connect to Your Why

Imagine the future you want. What does it look like? Why do you want it?

It might seem a nonsensical question, but why do you want to change your habits?  If the answer is to lose weight or to get healthy, go deeper. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to get healthy? Really dig down deep and find your “why”. If you emotionally connect with the reason you want to change, you will fire up your motivation and help keep yourself focussed on track.

Take a few moments to think of a healthy habit you want to form. It might be eating healthy Low Carb Real Food or meditating each day. Maybe it’s going to bed on time or skipping the evening wine and drinking herbal tea instead.  Whatever the goal, think of why you want it.

Example of a “why” might be:

-I will change my eating habits so I can regain my health and reverse my diabetes. I will get well, live longer and see my grandchildren grow up”.

-I will eat a healthy real food keto diet to reduce my weight and my joint pain. I will be more mobile and able to walk freely and to really enjoy my retirement

Your why will be very personal. Write it down and stick it everywhere, put it on the fridge, inside the wardrobe door, above your desk at work. Anywhere where you will see it daily.  Writing down your why and reviewing it daily will help you as you build the new habit.

Finding your why helps with internal motivation. It is always sensible to obtain some external motivation too.

Get accountability and support


Internal motivation is essential when trying to build healthy habits, but we also know internal motivation can wax and wane. You can't always depend on it because some of that initial motivation you feel when you first embark on a habit change will naturally wear off to some degree. This is where external support and accountability helps you stay on track.


Accountability is powerful when it comes to building new habits. There are many ways you can do this. One way to keep yourself accountable it to a “commitment contract” or declaration, and then share it with people you trust such as your partner or friend. Wisdom needs to be deployed here, our partners and friends may not always be the best people to keep us accountable. People who know us and love us might not be as objective as we need and could enable us to revert to old unhealthy habits when things get tough. 


Another great way to get some support and accountability to use an online community related to the healthy change you want. We absolutely love our Facebook group- Low Carb Real Food Community by Real Life Medicine. It is a wonderfully supportive place where like-minded individuals share inspiring stories, recipe ideas, transformations, and discussions about their goals, challenges and wins. Such supportive online communities are a great resource for providing both accountability and support as we work together towards becoming healthier.

Groups such as ours offer members a safe, inclusive space filled with people who are facing the same challenges and wanting to make the same changes. It is a place to gain strength from the support of a community. A place to belong.

If you haven’t already, we would love you to join us in our group

Click here to visit our Facebook group - Low Carb Real Food Community by Real Life Medicine group


Sometimes, more support and guidance is needed. Dr Lucy and Myself (Dr Mary) see patients in our clinics and we run a wonderfully supportive and comprehensive online coaching program  - Our Real Life Momentum Monthly Coaching Program.

Click here to visit our Website programs page


Behaviour change is possible. When you know why you want to change, and you get the support you need, you can achieve your goals, get well and live life on your terms.


In health,


Dr Mary Barson


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