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Transformation Tuesday - How Fiona lost 65kgs!

 I love my job!

Many of my patients are my inspiration. I get to work with some truly brave and courageous people.

I get to meet some extraordinary people. People who show grit and tenacity, who have every reason to throw in the towel but don’t.

I’d like to introduce you to one such woman. Her name is Fiona and she has given me permission to share her story here.

Fiona is a wonderfully caring woman. She’s smart, intuitive and truly kind. She is selfless beyond belief. It was this selflessness that nearly cost Fiona her health. You see, she is the main carer in her for family: for her husband, his elderly parents and her adult son, all of whom have significant medical needs. She is also mother to a teenage daughter and another adult son.  She is the lynchpin that holds her family together. In doing this huge caring role, her own health was relegated to the bottom of the list.

Fiona had no time to look after herself.

Now, nothing has changed as far as the needs of her family. What has changed is that Fiona is now concentrating on her own health as well as those she loves. She has adopted a low carb lifestyle, mainly real food and the combined that with intermittent fasting.


Fiona has lost 65kgs so far!

Her fasting insulin has gone from 97 to 8.

Fiona has completely changed her future- How good is that!


Fiona has changed her thought processes. She has done extensive work on this. Food is no longer the thing she uses to mitigate negative feelings. She now goes walking regularly. She practices gratitude-writing down 3 good things a day. She is carving out time in the day just for her. These things all help.


And above all Fiona has showed commitment!

The thought in her head is that she is going to do whatever it takes.  

Does she lose weight every single visit? Of course not! Our bodies don’t work like that. Fiona has some weeks that are super stressful. Her cortisol levels are high those weeks and her body stores the fat. Do you know what though? Fiona, comes to her appointment every 2 weeks- she has not missed a single one. She continues on regardless of the number on the scale. She trusts the process and just keeps doing.

That my friends, is courage and commitment.

All power to you Fiona-You are Killing it!

Talk again soon,

Dr Lucy Burns and Dar Mary Barson


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