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A Christmas Gift

Christmas time is the giving season. Gifts are in abundance. 

We often talk about giving ourselves a Christmas present. 

“I’m going to treat myself this Christmas…” 

And frankly, why not? 

We deserve it. We’ve worked hard all year.

But the one thing that 2020 has shown us is that,


“The most important things in life aren't things.”

Anthony J. D'Angelo


So what are some Christmas gifts that you could give yourself this year that aren’t things? 


These are our top tips for gifts to yourself that aren’t things -


1/ The gift of time. 

Time is a precious resource and one we take for granted. We give time to everyone else but not to ourselves. Schedule some time just for you, to do whatever you would like.  As an ongoing gift, make it a regular time slot and guard it preciously.


2/ The gift of learning.

We are always encouraging kids to learn and try new things. It’s just as important for adults to do this do. This creates new neural pathways which are vital for brain health. 

Ideas for learning thing include learning a musical instrument, learning a language, learning, how to knit, learning how to touch type. You can learn about history, learn about your health, learn about gardening. The options are limitless. 


3/ The gift of rest. 

Humans are meant to rest. We often measure our day based on productivity, targets, goals or achievements. We barely acknowledge one before moving on to the next one. It is important to rest as well. Sitting and lying are all forms of rest and allow your body to replenish. The periods don’t have to be long but inserting rest breaks into your day is a wonderful gift to yourself. 

4/ The gift of kindness

The way we talk to ourselves and about ourselves matters. Many people put themselves down in their thoughts but also out loud to other people. Sometimes these are in a joking way (Not serious but deep down actually serious). This affects our self-worth. This Christmas give yourself the gift of kindness. Practice talking to yourself the way you would talk to a lovely dog, a small child, your best friend. Whatever resonates with you and then practice it over and over.


5/ The gift of good health

Our health is priceless, and we take it for granted until it’s taken away. This Christmas think about the things you can do to improve your health. Changing our habits now results in untold health benefits for the future, but as we know behaviour change can be hard. Our brain resists change all the time and gives us a million reasons why we can’t do something. It will say, “It’s too hard, I’m too far gone, It’s not worth it, I’ll start later. I can’t do it. I love chocolate too much. 

 We love this quote that and we can apply certainly apply  it to our health 


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."


So lovelies, we have so much goodness to offer you at Real Life Medicine. Our Momentum membership is full of gorgeous women just like you who are on the path to losing weight and reclaiming their health. Watching them support each other and celebrate their victories has been one of our greatest joys


“They are doing for themselves but not by themselves”


We love them all dearly and would love to invite you into our membership to join them. 

Our membership is packed full of value and we are here to help you navigate the physiology and psychology around weightloss and reclaim your health once and for all. 

The precious gift of good health. 


Head over to our website for more details. 


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas,


Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson

Real Life Medicine 


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