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Episode Three

  • Current nutritional guidelines - attempted to reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting a low-fat diet with a focus on carbohydrates.
  • A diet heavy on grains, pasta, fruit and carbohydrates is the cause of increased insulin in our bodies and ultimately insulin resistance and diabetes.
  • Consuming carbohydrates make us hungry and we do not feel satiated, so we are then looking for something else to eat.
  • Diagnosing insulin resistance - clinical signs are skin tags & skin discolouration. Lab testing - glucose tolerance testing with matching insulin.
  • Our blood test recommendations - Fasting insulin and insulin curve, liver function tests, HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, cholesterol and lipid profile, iron studies and vitamin D.
  • Focus on low carb real food - grab our red & green food lists here
  • More information on good fats & bad fats here
  • Coming up next episode - quick & easy meal ideas focussing on low carb real food.