How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

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Simple and Easy


This program gives you a downloadable hypnosis session each day for 30 days.

It's simple to access and easy to listen to. You can take it with you everywhere you.

All designed to really harness that subconscious and help lose weight and feel better.



Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson

Trusted Advice

You need to trust your hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a science and an art.

As doctors, it is our job to keep you safe and free from quackery (no quacks allowed!)

This is a wonderful program that will help you feel better and better each day

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Our Doctors

Dr Mary Barson

Doctor, Biochemist, Hypnotherapist 

Dr Mary Barson is scientific guru. Her knowledge on the body systems is amazing! She is also qualified in clinical hypnosis and has extensive experience in compassion-based therapy.  Dr Mary also walks the walk, having addressed her own metabolic health following a diagnosis of PCOS, she too lives a low carbohydrate lifestyle. 

Dr Lucy Burns

Doctor, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Mindset Coach

Dr Lucy Burns is passionate about helping women lose weight and reclaim their health. She was overweight and was an "expert yo-yo dieter" until it all stopped "working". Addressing her mindset was the key to changing her lifestyle and making healthy habits permanent.  She has extensive training in this area and her analogies are well known!

So what do you get? 

This holistic program provides you with a daily hypnosis session for 30 days 

This more than a weight loss program. It includes sessions to help your brain manage stress and to improve your whole well being...

This is the reason we want to lose weight, right?

So we can feel better. This program gets you feeling better straight away!

Produced by doctors you can trust, this is a safe program and we guarantee you will not be quacking like a duck!

If you are busy and overwhelmed, this program is the perfect antidote. 

Simply lie back and listen 

It includes 

  • 10 sessions to heal and nurture your body back to health
  • 10 sessions to unblock your mind and harness your inner motivation and change your mindset.
  • 10 sessions to soothe your spirit and bring calmness and tranquillity to your life


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