Free Resources for Real Health and Weight Loss

We want you happy and healthy, but sadly much of the advice out there is outdated and sets you up to fail.

Downloading our free Weight Loss Guide is your first step on the path to permanent weight loss. Discover The Food Lists we eat from, which contain low inflammatory foods that will nourish your body, nurture your brain and help you achieve real health and weight loss. Plus find out how to open your “Woodshed”. 

The Doctors' Guide to Real Health & Weight Loss

Our free e-book is your first step on the path to stopping yo-yo dieting and achieving permanent weight loss. It explains why it's your metabolic hormones driving fat storage, what macronutrients are, what you need to eat to lose weight, and why food is medicine.

The Doctors' Healthy Food Recommendations

Low carb real food is one of the linchpins to long term sustainable weight loss. At Real Life Medicine, we eat using a Green Food List (you can eat anything on this list), a Red Food List (avoid eating anything on this list), and an Orange Food List (eat these foods sparingly).

An In-depth Lesson on The “Woodshed”

This video will make you question everything you've ever been told about weight loss. It takes everything you thought you knew and flips it on its head. It is mind-blowing - an epiphany if you will. Watch only if you are interested in seeing massive changes to your health!

Could I have lipoedema?

Lipoedema is a condition that causes excessive painful fat storage predominately in the lower limbs. It affects over 10% of women. It is a common reason women have difficulty losing weight as it doesn't respond to traditional "dieting" Download our quiz and see if it could have lipoedema?