Episode Eight

  • Chronic stress is an epidemic in modern society - Stress is implicated in most of the negative health consequences we suffer from.
  • Chronic versus acute stress - Dr Mary Barson explains the definitions and discusses the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Fight or flight stress response - Blood pressure increases, immune system upregulates, blood thickens, cortisol and extra blood glucose are released.
  • Modern-day stressors - You can find it difficult to lose weight or even gain weight if you are chronically stressed.
  • Boundary setting - the importance of saying no and minimising stress.
  • Stress relief techniques - Reduce the harm with simple mindfulness techniques.
  • Meditation - use active relaxation to turn on your rest and digest mode to rebalance your nervous system.
  • It just takes 3 minutes of mindful breathing each day to get started with active relaxation.
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