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Episode Fifty Seven

  • Prior to Christmas last year, Jodie found out she was heading down the road of being pre-diabetic and diabetic, as well as suffering from horrendous back pain and a constantly aching body.
  • This period also coincided with her moving into a new house which had 2 large flights of stairs.
  • Jodie found climbing the stairs so challenging both physically and mentally, that it was severely impacting her life.
  • As well as developing knee pain from climbing the stairs, she was structuring her day-to-day life such that she would only have to climb up the stairs once daily.
  • Realising that she had to do or try something as she couldn't continue to live like this, Jodie booked a consultation with Dr Lucy in January of this year and joined the Real Life Momentum Inner Circle.
  • Jodie has made incredible changes in her life, not just with her physical health, but her mindset, her identity and her self worth.


You can find more information about the Real Life Momentum Inner Circle here

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