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Episode Fifty Six

  • Lynn Forsythe has undergone a radical health transformation, which has seen her go from being so unwell that she didn’t think she’d see her next birthday, to reclaiming her health, her life, and her future.
  • Lynn had been a diabetic for 20 years, which she believed was being adequately controlled through diet and metformin.
  • Five years ago she became quite unwell, suffering from illness after illness including influenza, quinsy, parvovirus, and osteoarthritis. This resulted in her being put on insulin.
  • She subsequently gained 20 kilos and felt so unwell she did not think she was going to make it to her next birthday. She couldn’t get out of bed or up from a chair and was forced to stop driving as well as retire from work.
  • Lynn also incurred significant financial costs as a result of being on a plethora of medications, combined with regular appointments with various specialists.
  • A doctor suggested she try low carb, and as it happened, that night she saw a Facebook ad for the 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance Program, which she enrolled in. Despite thinking it wouldn’t work, she diligently followed the program to a tee.
  • Prior to the program, she was on an extremely high dose of insulin, as well as 9 different types of medication, including statins, blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, heartburn medication and diabetic medication.
  • She was able to successfully come off all of these medications, apart from metformin. She has also lost 22 kilos and has just started driving again.
  • After competing the program, Lynn joined the Momentum Inner Circle for continued support, accountability, mindset training and lifestyle change.


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