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Episode Fifty Three

  • What is stress? Stress is a physiological state that has varying effects on us. It can be caused by emotions or physical changes in our bodies.
  • Acute vs chronic stress - short-lived versus or long term ongoing stress. Chronic stress can be very damaging to our health.
  • Example of acute stress - being chased by a bear.
  • Examples of chronic stress - financial stress, ongoing work deadlines.
  • Physiological stress responses - increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased insulin resistance, increased blood glucose, blood thickens, the body pulls resources away from non-important functions eg digestion.
  • Chronic stress and weight management - elevated stress results in elevated insulin and blood glucose. It also affects our hunger signals, cravings and our dopamine signals.
  • Stress management strategies - getting enough sleep, avoiding excessive caffeine, getting outside, spending time with loved ones, setting boundaries.
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