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Episode Fifty Two

  • What is sugar - Sugar is a group of carbohydrates and most of the sugar we consume is made up of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. But all starches are made up of long chains of glucose molecules. 
  • Most common sugar forms - Glucose & fructose, blood sugar it referring to the glucose found in your blood.
  • Maillard reaction - is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that gives browned food its distinctive colour & flavour
  • Glycation in the body - causes harmful compounds associated with an increased risk of disease and aging.
  • AGE's (Advanced Glycation End products) - One of the main ways in which excess sugar consumption is harmful to our bodies.
  • AGE's & ageing - It is the harmful accumulation of the AGE's that can damage the collagen in the skin and premature ageing.
  • How do we get accumulated AGE's in our body - By having elevated blood glucose levels due to increased carbohydrate consumption and through oxidative stress. Learn more about oxidative stress here - https://www.rlmedicine.com/50
  • Can you increase AGE's in your body by eating burnt foods? It seems that the AGE's we eat don't significantly contribute to the AGE's in our bodies, as they are naturally detoxified by our bodies.
  • How can you limit AGE's - By eating low carb real food! 
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