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Episode Forty Nine

  • How we define keto - A 'well-formulated' ketogenic diet using low carb real food, limiting processed foods.
  • Ketogenic diet - Initially created to treat children with epilepsy. Your body uses fat for fuel in the form of ketones, the term for this is nutritional ketosis.
  • Low carb diet - The amount of carbs can range, we say usually up to 80-100g of carbs per day. Keto is a subset of low carb, where the carbs are much lower, usually under 20-25g per day.
  • Do you need to be in ketosis to lose weight? It can be helpful to be in ketosis for mental clarity or energy levels but it is not necessary for weight loss.
  • Who benefits from being in nutritional ketosis? Cancer patients, neuroinflammatory disorders, childhood epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions and endurance athletes.
  • How to boost your ketones - Switch your protein for fat, have a higher calorie intake from fat sources. Take MCT oil and exogenous ketone supplements.