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Episode Forty One

  • Emotional eating or comfort eating - A tool we use to self soothe.
  • What are emotions? A natural part of the human experience. Anger, sadness, fear, stress, guilt, shame, lust, joy & surprise.
  • Negative emotions are completely normal - Anger, sadness, fear, stress, guilt & shame are normal feelings that everyone feels at some point.
  • Why do we feel emotions? Evolutionarily, they are there to keep us safe and to help with the survival of us and our tribe.
  • Emotions are part of your physiology - They happen within your body and they happen for a reason.
  • Why we use food to soothe emotions - It works in the moment, and we feel better when we eat the treat food. It is not a permanent solution that helps us process the emotion.
  • Tools for dealing with emotions - First we need to understand that emotions are normal and sometimes we will feel sad, angry, afraid etc. It is just your brain trying to keep you safe. Then you need to accept negative emotions and that they will pass.
  • Train for discomfort - In our society, we don't like discomfort, so when it comes our way we don't know what to do with it.
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