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Episode Thirty Nine

  • Have you been fat shamed by your doctor? The answer is probably yes according a recent study.  Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson take a dive into this topic that is close to their hearts and remind you that guilt and shame have no place on any weight loss plan. 
  • Doctors intentions - They are wanting to help you improve your health, but may go about approaching it incorrectly or interpreted incorrectly.
  • Doctors nutrition training - The nutrition advice learned in training is the standard eat more and move less and this is also the advice of the government bodies. We know it is about so much more than that!
  • Metabolic health is key - you may be metabolically healthy and carry some excess weight.
  • Doctors need to meet patients - Shaming and scaring patients into losing weight generally does not work. We need to approach with compassion.
  • Focus on the process - Focus on the process, what lifestyle changes the patient needs to make, rather than the result on the scales.
  • More training for Doctors is needed - It is not the patient's fault, but it is their responsibility. Taking responsibility for your lifestyle change is empowering!