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Episode Thirty Six

Join Dr Lucy Burns as she chats with one of her favourite humans Jordyn Evans. Jordyn, at the tender age of 25 noticed that the majority of herbs and spices in the food aisles at the supermarkets were filled with sugar, seed oils anti caking agents and  preservatives. She wanted herbs and spices that were just what they say they are -real food. She then sold her car, moved back home and set about creating Mingle Seasonings. The thing that we love about Mingle is that is one of the few products made by a food company that offers both real food and convenience.

Here is more about Jordyn from mingleseasoning.com

Mingle Seasoning started 5 years ago in my kitchen when I was cleaning out my pantry. I discovered the seasonings that I had been using contained a whole lot of nasty ingredients. Sugar, high amounts of salt, vegetable oils, numbers, and colours. I no longer felt comfortable using these products and went to the supermarket to find a healthier alternative. When I got to the spice aisle I realised there wasn't a healthy range of seasonings and went home empty-handed.
That's when I had the vision to shake things up in the spice aisle with a healthy seasoning product that was also fun, colourful and made me excited to cook. This was when Mingle was born.  Mingle was developed to make everyday cooking healthy, simple and fuss free! Shake Mingle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Protein, vegetables, eggs- you name it, these flavours are super versatile.
This journey has been one flavoursome one and Mingle wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for our loyal customers, incredible mentors like Chobani Yoghurt assisting me over the last 3 years when launching into Coles and Woolworths and my incredible team who inspire me everyday. We are very proud to stock Mingle now in more than 1000 stockists across Australia and this is just the beginning.