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Episode Thirty Five

  • Bowel cancer and gut health - Should I reduce red meat? 
  • Association and causation - One event may be associated with another event, but it does not actually cause the event. For example, umbrellas may be associated with rainy days but they do not cause rain.
  • The Bradford Hill Criteria - A set of nine criteria that determine in what circumstances we can form an opinion that an association is in fact causation.
  • Does red meat cause cancer? We don't actually have enough data to suggest that it does.
  • The study discussed - Red meat and colorectal cancer: a critical summary of prospective epidemiologic studies - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20663065/
  • Confounders - There are a lot of confounders in nutritional scientific study. For example, your gut bacteria. 
  • Low carb real food and red meat - removal of sugar and highly processed foods and improved gut bacteria.
  • Bowel cancer awareness month - It is a preventable disease, so please be screened.