Episode Thirty

  • Don't be a slave to the scales - they are a basic tool that only measures weight and weight loss, not fat loss.
  • We want to see fat loss - it is difficult with a scale to determine pure fat loss, our body weight can fluctuate so much throughout the day due to a myriad of reasons.
  • Weight loss is not linear - it can be rapid at times and slower at others. It will be a jagged curve with ups and downs, not a line straight down.
  • You are the boss of you - care and nurture for your body and don't put it through painful and rigorous regimes.
  • How often should you weigh yourself - it depends on you, is weighing yourself helpful or unhelpful for you?
  • What about weight loss plateaus? - when your weight has been stable for a considerable amount of time, at least one month. This could be your body making a new set point, which is a good thing!
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