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Episode Thirty

  • Food shame - very common in today's society. It could be experienced in social situations like going to the pub after the footy for schnitzels and beers or meeting for coffee and cakes at a parent's group morning tea.
  • Eating is not a team sport! - we don't have to feel pressured to join in with others and to eat food that we don't want to, to make them feel more comfortable.
  • We can rewrite the stories in our head - is it rude not to eat food that someone has prepared for you if you know it will not serve you? Or is it rude to pressure someone to eat something they don't want to eat?
  • Healthy food shaming - it is also common in society to shame and make fun of people who eat healthily. Healthy food can be seen as lame and boring.
  • Simple strategies
    • Have an answer ready. eg 'thank you, but I don't eat xxx, it just doesn't agree with me'
    • Have a plan. eg if you are going to a party that you know will have foods you are trying to avoid, don't wing it. You may decide to bring your own food, to fast or to make the best choices you can, based on what is available. The night before, visualise your plan. Take 3 slow deep breaths and calmly walk through the entire party sticking to your plan.
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