Episode Twenty Nine

Tracey McBeath

Do you know what a health coach is? Join Dr Lucy Burns as she chats with her good friend and colleague Tracey McBeath. Tracey lives a low carb lifestyle and is trained in health coaching. Tracey gives us a great summary on what health coaching is and what it isn’t. Tracey is also wonderful collaborator and we talk all about her latest project The Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend Women’s Health Summit. 
Tracey is a 47-year-old mum to my 5 kids. Around the age of 30, Tracey was ready for a career change and became a qualified Personal Trainer. A few years ago she moved into Health Coaching. This is where her passion really lies. Helping people see they have the capacity within to live the life they want to live.

While Tracey has always been into health and fitness, by the time she hit 40, it was clear what she had been doing up to that point (following the high carb, low fat dietary guidelines) wasn’t really working. She was struggling to lose the 15kg she had gained after baby number 4, was also tired all the time, and at night, she couldn’t stop eating.

It was enough to completely turn her life around. After doing some research online, Tracey came across Professor Tim Noakes, and by the age of 42 she had reversed by pre-diabetes and was on the path to full metabolic health.

Website: www.traceymcbeath.com.au

Low Carb Lifestyle long weekend

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