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Episode Twenty Eight

Dr Liz Fraser

Dr Liz Fraser is a GP in Canberra. When she is not wrangling chooks, she reads the Low Carb science and writes articles for Australian Doctor magazine. She is co-convener of Low Carb Canberra, and can often be found lurking around Facebook or Twitter. 

Dr Liz Fraser quietly goes around championing the low carb cause. Join Dr Lucy as she chats with the phenomenally humble Dr Liz Fraser who is a practising GP in Canberra.

Dr Liz along with Tracey Kimberley is the cofounder of Low Carb Canberra. Her passion apart from gardening, reading and interpreting scientific articles is educating other doctors on the benefits of recommending low carb to their patients. She is the author of many articles and even sings a low carb jingle.

Low Carb Canberra - https://www.facebook.com/LowCarbCanberra

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