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Episode Twenty Four

  • Real food focus - Feed your family as much as possible with real food as close as possible to it's natural form.
  • Starchy veggies - Active kids and adults who are metabolically flexible can eat more carbohydrates, in real food form.
  • Focus on reducing processed carbs - Try to avoid junk food, sugar and other highly processed grains and carbohydrates.
  • Don't use sugar as a reward - Dr Mary Barson tells a story of how her daughter was offered a lollipop as a reward after a COVID test.
  • The normalisation of sugar - Sugar addiction is normalised in our society and restricting kids from 'sugary treats' can be seen as a negative.
  • Non-food rewards/treats - Remove the treat/reward component around food. Instead, use the language everyday food and sometimes food.
  • Don't demonise food - Try and provide an alternative narrative around food choices and rewards.
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