Episode Nineteen

  • Victims of diet culture - Women who have tried everything to lose weight without any long term, sustainable success.
  • Diet culture - Very results focussed and only one data point is focussed on, which is the number on the scales.
  • Results-driven - You are so focussed on the end result and not the process of losing weight. You do not learn to trust your own abilities to make decisions around what and how much you should be eating.
  • Processed food industry - Their job is to create hyper-palatable processed food that overrides any natural body satiety signals.
  • Building trust - Learning to trust yourself is the process you need to rebuild, and it can take time and there will be setbacks along the way.
  • Shrink the change - Don't set lofty, challenging, unachievable goals that will be difficult to achieve. Set small, easy goals and then celebrate when you achieve them!
  • The tools are the issue, not you - the diet culture is based on scale targets and blaming yourself if you are not successful.
  • Mindset - Understanding the stories in your head and how they impact your behaviour.
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