Episode Eighteen

  • What is the perfect human diet? There is no one perfect diet for every single human, because we are all so different.
  • There are so many differences in what type of diets suit different people, including medical conditions, food intolerances, cultural beliefs and genetics.
  • Dietary wars - conflicts between people with different dietary dogmas, such as those who follow vegan diets versus people who eat only animal products.
  • One set of dietary guidelines for everyone? The government based guidelines then inform health professionals and what is served in hospitals and other government institutions.
  • Campaigning for change - Belinda Fettke and Dr James Muecke are fighting to have the dietary guidelines in Australia changed for the better.
  • Virtue signalling of plant-based diets - If you eat meat you are mean, cruel and ruining the environment, but the opposite is the case for people following a vegan lifestyle. But is this true?
  • Real food first - Our number one guiding principle is real food first, avoiding seed oils, sugar, refined grains, preservatives, processed foods etc.
  • Low carb real food - a plant-based low carb real food diet can be implemented, it may need some supplementation to ensure essential nutrients are met.
  • So what should we eat? Eat a diet based on your goals with a basis in real food!
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