Episode Fifteen

  • Hippocrates - 'All disease begins in the gut'.
  • Gut Health - Has recently moved from alternative/fringe medicine into the mainstream due to new scientific findings.
  • Gut pain/symptoms - Very important to seek medical advice from your doctor to rule out anything serious.
  • Wellness - We are not aiming just for the absence of disease, we want you to have optimal health and wellness, including gut health.
  • What is the gut? This describes our entire intestinal tube. A hollow tube that goes all the way from our mouth to our anus.
  • Gut barrier - Anything inside of our gut, is technically outside of our body. Food that we do not absorb travels along the intestinal tube without going into our body.
  • Leaky gut - This is when our gut allows some of these food particles or toxins into the body through the gut barrier.
  • Gut microbiome - Our inner garden! It is an ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms within our intestines which is in a mutually beneficial relationship with our bodies.
  • A healthy gut microbiome - This ecosystem helps our immune system, regulates our mood, improves insulin sensitivity.
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