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Episode Fourteen

  • Health at any size - Can you still have excess weight to lose and be healthy?
  • Metabolic health - Our goal is for people to have normal insulin levels, which then results in improved health and quite often weight loss.
  • Insulin resistance - Our bodies are no longer able to cope with the excess consumption of carbohydrates and processed foods that we consume as part of a standard Australian diet.
  • The importance of metabolic markers - Having healthy insulin levels, liver enzymes, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These are the most important factors to recognise good health, not just body weight.
  • TOFI - 'Thin on the outside fat on the inside'. People can appear to the 'healthy' because they are thin, but they can still be unhealthy due to their metabolic markers.
  • Weight matters, but weight isn't the ONLY thing that matters - It is important to be aware of your metabolic markers, regardless of your size.