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Episode Thirteen

  • Healthy habit hacks - Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson discuss strategies to develop long term healthy habits
  • Make your new habit obvious - for example, have your gratitude journal on your bedside table or your running shoes beside your bed when you get up.
  • Make it fun - buy some new exercise clothes or a beautiful new pen and journal. 
  • Make your first goal small - Don't start out with trying to run a marathon, start with building a daily habit of walking around the block.
  • Make it rewarding - Having a tangible reward that you experience for completing the habit.
  • Behaviour change is hard - It takes time to change long term habits and you may falter at times.
  • Changing your brain - It may feel uncomfortable at first as your brain is very resistant to change.
  • Stacking habits - Add a new habit to an existing habit you already do. For example. You would like to increase your exercise. If you brush your teeth every morning, add in 20 squats while you are doing it.
  • Schedule your habit - Add a time for your habit into your diary.