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Episode 1

  • Introduction to Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns.

Dr Mary Barson

Dr Mary Barson is a GP based on the Surfcoast of the Bellarine Peninsula, in Victoria. She is an absolute genius and has an honours degree in biochemistry as well as a medical degree. Dr Mary understands all things “sciencey”. She is our go-to person for interpreting scientific research and can separate out true science from popular “woo”. Dr Mary marries this with her skills as counsellor, hypnotherapist and has a huge interest in lifestyle medicine. She practices compassion-based therapy. Mary has PCOS and understands how difficult this can be for many women. She successfully manages this with a low-carbohydrate diet and a holistic approach to her lifestyle. She improved her fertility with her lifestyle is now a mum to a gorgeous girl. Dr Mary loves public speaking and has the most infectious, heart-warming laugh.

Dr Lucy Burns

Dr Lucy Burns is a GP and a lifestyle medicine physician. She works on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Dr Lucy runs a weight loss clinic called Epiphany Medical Weight Loss and is booked out for months. This was the inspiration to create an online learning platform to share this information far and wide. Lucy has muscular dystrophy which impairs her mobility. In her 20’s she managed her weight with exercise. Alas, this is no longer possible. She became overweight/obese and was insulin resistant. Two years ago she lost 20 kgs by adopting a low carb lifestyle and more importantly has maintained this. Dr Lucy is known for her positive can-do nature and is an eternal optimist. Despite this, she has experienced depression for many years which is now in remission thanks to her lifestyle changes. She practices meditation daily (well at least second daily). Dr Lucy also speaks at conferences for doctors on weight management as well as events for the general public, and is now considered an expert in this field. Dr Lucy is a mum to two teenage girls - say no more.