Episode Sixty Three

  • What a weight loss plateau is - a weight loss plateau is when weight loss stalls for a while, not for a few days or a week, but over a time period of at least a month.
  • Weight loss is not linear - you will not lose the same amount of weight per week in a linear fashion. Weight loss goes up, down and across, but hopefully the general trend is downward.
  • Weight is a rough estimate - the number on the scales is a rough estimate of what is going on in our body. What we are really after is fat loss, but the scales measure your total body mass, which can fluctuate due to things such as the contents of your bladder, stomach and intestines, your hydration levels, inflammation etc.
  • Focusing on non-scale victories as well - resolving fatty liver, improvement in measure of glucose control, lifting brain fog, muscle aches reducing, increased energy, reduced cravings, reduced hunger.
  • Breaking plateaus - take a good look at what you're eating. Look for things such as hidden carbs in food, snacking, and emotional eating. Be careful with things such as dairy and nuts as they are easy to snack on and can contribute to weight loss plateaus.
  • The power of fasting - this is an excellent tool for breaking plateaus, making sure you have your 'feeding' days and your 'fasting' days. 
  • Stress and sleep - reducing stress and optimising your sleep are also important parts of breaking plateaus.