Episode Sixty Two

  • What inflammation is - inflammation is the body's response to any kind of irritant, and it plays a major role in acute short-term illnesses and injuries, as well as chronic long-term illnesses and injuries.
  • Chronic long-term low-grade inflammation - this is at the heart of almost all chronic lifestyle illnesses.
  • Lifestyle illnesses with inflammation at their core inflammation has an enormous role to play in weight gain, being overweight or obese, having metabolic disease, having insulin resistance, heart disease and depression.  
  • Short-term acute inflammation - this is our body's immune response to an injury, infection, burn, or allergic reaction. Signs of this are redness, swelling, pain, possible dysfunction, and heat. This is helpful to the body to protect and heal the injured part of the body
  • Chronic inflammation - when the inflammatory system is constantly turned on, particularly in a low-grade way, we get serious problems with our health. It is implicated in diabetes, heart disease, chronic arthritis, chronic respiratory disease and depression.
  • Metabolism and the immune system - these are completely integrated; one affects the other. People with insulin resistance and metabolic disease inappropriately activate the immune system which can result in chronic, low-grade inflammation, whilst chronic low-grade inflammation can cause insulin resistance and metabolic disease. 
  • How to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation and heal your metabolism - cease eating refined carbohydrates, refined sugars and industrial seed oils, eat more omega-3 fatty acids, get more sleep, move more, reduce psychological stress and improve gut health.