Episode Sixty One

  • New Year's resolutions - why we don't encourage setting New Year's resolutions, rather we encourage setting New Year's intentions instead.
  • Why you should set intentions - without setting clear intentions, we run the risk of drifting through the days and months without achieving our goals or living life according to our values.
  • Setting intentions - think clearly about what is realistic, what is actionable, and what is your focus going to be?
  • Making a plan - spend some time making a plan around your intentions that is really specific and really doable.
  • Reflection - what is something that you learned in 2021 that can help you move forward?
  • Types of actions - an action to keep, an action to stop, and an action to start.
  • Actions for 2022 - Dr Mary and Dr Lucy share what their actions to keep, stop and start are for the New Year.