Episode Sixty

  • Dr Mary's big announcement - Dr Mary is having a baby! She is due in June with a baby boy who will be a little brother for her gorgeous 8-year-old daughter. We are so thrilled and excited for our very first RLM baby!
  • Christmas is almost here - in other news, Christmas is drawing ever closer. Whilst Christmas is romanticised as a wonderful time with friends and family, the truth is this is not always the case. Christmas can actually be a lot of work and a lot of stress.
  • Festive kilos are not a given - with so many parties and events, all overflowing with food and booze, there is almost an expectation for a lot of people, that you will put on weight over Christmas and that your lifestyle has to be put on pause, or even derailed. This doesn't have to be the way.
  • Enjoying Christmas whilst staying on plan - you absolutely can still enjoy Christmas, have fun, and stay on plan if you want to. Simply think of Christmas as being exactly the same as any other gathering or event that takes place throughout the year, and if you want to stay on plan like you do throughout the year, you can. There are plenty of delicious low carb options you can enjoy.
  • Going off your plan - if you want to have a day off and eat or drink a few extra things, that's fine too, but you need to make sure you have a plan to get back on plan. For example, make sure you will have limited leftovers, or have a plan on how you will get rid of leftovers, such as giving them away.
  • How to get back on plan - if you have a day off plan, focus on eating fat and protein over the next couple of days to reduce possible carbohydrate cravings, rather than fasting, which people often choose to do. 
  • Dealing with FOMO at Christmas - how to turn your FOMO (fear of missing out) into JOMO (joy of missing out). 
  • Coping with any slip ups - the crucial importance of being kind to yourself if this happens.
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