Episode Fifty Nine

  • Dr Kate Gregorevic is a geriatrician, and a specialist in women and ageing well.
  • Her specialty is in managing older adults and managing complexity, but increasingly her work involves helping people understand lifestyle strategies to age well. 
  • It is concerning that when looking at health behaviours in midlife at the moment, we are seeing a lot of evidence of women, particularly those with high-caring responsibilities, struggle to exercise and eat nutritious food.
  • This is leading to high rates of obesity and overweight in this group, which is concerning when considering the functional implications of being able to live a long and healthy active life.
  • There are negative perceptions about what getting older is, that aren't based in the reality of getting older, like once you are at a certain age, you are "past your use-by date", particularly for women. 
  • The fear of ageing seems to be twofold: for women in particular, looking youthful is associated with being attractive, smart and valuable, whilst people also fear getting old and losing their independence and developing chronic disease.