Episode Fifty Eight

  • Shari shares her amazing story with Dr Lucy, which has seen her lose and keep off more than 100 kilos.
  • Shari began putting on weight from the age of 5, and by the time she finished high school as an 18 year old she weighed over 100 kilos. Believing she needed to lose weight to attract a boyfriend, she lost more than 40 kilos through drastic diet changes and vigorous exercise.
  • She met and fell in love with her partner and had a baby girl 12 months later. Over the course of the pregnancy, Shari began to put the weight back on.
  • She split up with her partner 9 years later. At this point she weighed 160kg. She would put on further weight, which saw her weigh more than 180kg at her heaviest.
  • Shari came to realise that she had emotional issues leading back to her childhood that were affecting what she ate. Specifically, she was using her weight as a "suit of armour" to protect herself from having to have relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Deciding she needed to work on herself, she lost more than 100kg. Although she utilised the old adage of eating less and moving more, she would not recommend this method for weight loss now. 
  • Most importantly, she worked on her self-worth and self-love. She realised that lacking these qualities is often the reason that people, including herself, self-sabotage their weight loss efforts.
  • She also began to listen to podcasts about health and wellness, which has educated her and led her down this long journey of health.
  • Shari's story of transformation is about much more than just weight loss. Her biggest triumph is her internal transformation, and her shift in changing how she thinks about and values herself as a person.
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