Episode 177:
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In this episode, Dr. Mary Barson interviews Sharna Dawson, a community member in the Real Life Medicine program. Sharna shares her journey of transformation, from being addicted to sugar and struggling with her weight to finding success and freedom from cravings through the Real Life Medicine approach.

Sharna, a former high school teacher and career advisor, discovered Real Life Medicine through online business groups. Initially sceptical about giving up sugar and low-carb eating, she was drawn to the relatable and credible approach of Dr Mary and Dr Lucy. After attending a retreat and hearing them speak, Sharna decided to join the 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance program.

She discusses her past experiences with extreme diets due to her involvement in bodybuilding and figure competitions, emphasising the importance of credible guidance and proper education, which she found in the Real Life Medicine program. Sharna praises the program's practicality, ease of implementation, and the supportive community it provides.

Sharna also shares her initial doubts about the program, especially regarding the elimination of sugar. However, she found the transition surprisingly easy, experiencing minimal headaches and cravings. She highlights the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy sessions, even using them to help her husband reduce his carb intake.

Additionally, Sharna talks about her work with disadvantaged youth, providing hands-on workshops through her organisation, Edge Workshops, to empower young people with essential life skills for employment. She expresses her gratitude for the Real Life Medicine program and encourages others to participate in the 7 Day Sugar Free Reset, emphasising its affordability and effectiveness.

Overall, Sharna's story showcases the transformative power of the Real Life Medicine approach, demonstrating that breaking free from sugar addiction is achievable with the right guidance and support.

Check out Sharna Dawson's inspiring work with disadvantaged youth at www.sharnadawson.com. Join her mission to empower young people and make a positive impact in the community. Get involved today!

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Episode 177: 


Dr Mary Barson (0:11) Hello, my lovely listeners. I'm Dr Mary Barson.

Dr Lucy Barson (0:15) And I'm Dr Lucy Burns. Welcome to this episode of

Both (0:20) Real Health and Weight Loss!

Dr Mary Barson (0:23)  Hello, lovely listeners, Dr Mary here and today I am very, very excited to be joined by one of our beautiful community members the fabulous Sharna Dawson, who's currently doing our 12 Week Mind Body rebalance. Sharna is an excellent human in so many ways. And I would love Sharna, could you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you and a little bit about your journey and how you found us.

Sharna Dawson  (0:55)  Hello, my name is Sharna, I have a job-ready business. So I was a high school teacher, previously, and a former careers advisor. So I help kids into the workforce, and we social skills or the things that they're lacking at the moment and confidence to enter the workforce. But how I came about you guys was, you were in my orbit. We're in the same business group online business group, but we don't get to really interact. I knew of you guys and how great you guys were doing. And it wasn't until I listened to you speak, I followed your page, and I would see you do stuff. But I wasn't really into it only because I thought – Wow, I can't do low carb. I can't do no sugar. So I thought this is just completely impossible. So it's one of those two hard baskets. And then you spoke at Her Empire Retreat, and it wasn't about what you do. It was just about how you run things and everything like that. And I just thought – wow, these these people are so relatable. You're 100% on my level, like, you know, you guys are like yin yang, you're like supersensible. And I'm sure you have a crazy side. But then, you know, Dr Lucy has the crazy side. I'm like, this is such a good combination. You already had the credibility because you were doctors. And I think that is so huge for so many people is like, I've done so many dieting things. And I told you previously, I was a health teacher. And I got to the point where I had to draw a line in the sand. Like I was ashamed of, shamed of who I had become. And not because me as a person, but because where I had got to physically, I just went from an active job to a sedentary job. And like everyone didn't find the time of the day. By the time I did, I was too tired. I had 100 excuses. And for me, I was actually addicted to Coke as well, the drink. Let's get that clear guys, the drink. So lots of addicted to so much sugar. The fact you guys were going no sugar. Not gonna happen. But – Oh my god, here I am.

Dr Mary Barson  (3:08)  I'm so glad you are and that you've come along with us because you're doing great, we absolutely love having you in Real Life Medicine Community. So you would hear us, you know, on the interwebs talking about 7 Day Sugar Free Reset or you know, Low Carb Real Food. And you go – Yeah, that sounds good. But that's impossible. Tell us a little bit more about like, how you then stepped into the Real Life Medicine train and then what it was actually like for you. 

Sharna Dawson  (3:37)  Yeah, and I think it's a little bit of arrogance on my part because I'm like, yeah, like, because I had so much knowledge and I'd been not so much knowledge. Like, I wouldn't say I had like the knowledge that you give in this course is ridiculous. But because I think a lot of people are the same way around dieting, which is the worst word ever, but we're around that dieting culture, we understand what we're marketed to. We understand the basics, but there's no way that we know, like the in-depth of what you teach. So I reckon I had sort of surface-level stuff and I just thought, knowing how bad I was to Coke. Let's just say like people who know me, absolutely mortified that I haven't had a Coke in about seven weeks. I haven't touched one. I'm not interested in one. And I went on a hike for uni. Like I'll give you this how bad I was. They were hiking from Katoomba to Mittagong, which is quite a fair distance and was like you had to walk 200 km every day. Now, I didn't care about that. I was just going– how am I going to take Coke on this trip? And if I don't, I'm going to get massive headaches. So I was like, I'll drink flat stuff. I don't care. Like man. I was chocolate every night on Coke. It's insane. So when you were saying this stuff I'm like, that's just  100%  knew that people were getting results. You had the credibility, but it was just me mentally going right, this is a line in the sand. And there's another lady in the program that I know that we know. And she is a sales genius to the point that she's brutal. And I think it was, she said– you know how much she's like, how much would you put on your health? What surprised you put on your health shares? What if I told you I could do it for you know, $5 a day? If I could change your health? And I'm like, hell yeah. And she goes –well, you idiots. $2.50 like, right Yeah. I'm in. It was it was in my drink

Dr Mary Barson  (5:40)  I like it breaking down the cost. Yeah, absolutely. So that's what got you to join the 12 week program, the 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance was knowing that it'd be helpful, but also have it broken down that actually this is really cost-effective as well.

Sharna Dawson  (5:55)  To put it as like you're an idiot, if you don't, because I was happy to go look for every shot like we all do. We'll look for every shortcut. I'm like, can I get these? Can I get gastric banding? Like do I really need a gastric band, like all the stuff you'd be mortified about. But it's like, I wanted that shortcut, because I'm like, I formally did bodybuilding and figure competition, not like massive cheeks sort of stuff. But like figure competition and the diet I had to do was ridiculous. And I know the hard work that it took me to get there. And I just wasn't prepared to go back there. Because it was just a horrible version of what you have to do to get there. Your diet, your metabolism, and your hormones are all out of whack. So when Murray was like, you can do this for affordable and you're an idiot. And when I drew that line in the sand, I was like, yeah, she's right. This is what I need. And having someone that was gonna make me accountable as well. So it's a combo.

Dr Mary Barson  (6:51)  Yeah, that's beautiful. That community. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sharna Dawson  (6:54)  Oh, yeah.

Dr Mary Barson  (6:55)  You mentioned that you've been in diet land before. And really extreme version of diet land, you were doing bodybuilding and body sculpting. Like the restrictions that people put themselves through to get that control over their body shape are pretty severe. Can you tell us a bit more about your journey through the diet land, diet and culture, compared to how it is for you now? 

Sharna Dawson  (7:27)  To the point, I didn't think that what you guys do was going to be achievable. I just thought I had to work myself into the ground to do that. And that was previously because basically, I was given training, advice and nutrition advice from people who weren't qualified. And as a health teacher, we used to make me cringe going, these guys don't have qualifications. It's an industry that's not regulated. I'd lost it with one girl, I'd lost a lot of weight, and a lot of size, and it's all about muscle retaining muscle. And I had a guy who I'd reached out to who was a national coach, and he just said, you're going to stuff up your hormones if you keep going with this girl. So then I switched and found someone else, but it was still restricting. Like, I would do an hour and a half of training in the morning, which is insane. And then I'd go out and do cardio towards the end of, say, two hours a night. And I was just eating tiny pieces of chicken and broccoli, which on this one, when I have broccoli, it's like, well, I've got to get over that mindset, pieces of asparagus just towards the end, which was horrible, ridiculous amounts of water. So it was It wasn't normal. And for me to come into this, it was like, – Oh, my gosh, this is achievable. It's bloody easy. And I haven't had the headaches and withdrawals. And because you teach us about the hormone, like I absolutely love it. I'm like a nerd on it. I sit on your stuff. And this might be for people that go okay, I don't have time to sit down and watch videos. Yeah, you do. You're scrolling on your phone all the time anyway. So if we're scrolling Facebook or whatever, I actually just cast your stuff to the TV. And I can watch it like that. So I can sit down overnight and cast it Yeah. So I can cast you on a TV. I sit on my phone and they're done. They're in the car. They're really simple, easy-to-do modules. So it's like for me to be able to have lost weight because I fit you know, the analogy my woodshed is 100% open on cheering I'm not hungry. I don't have headaches. I haven't touched sugar in seven weeks, and I don't want to. That is like mind-blowing it's insane.

Dr Mary Barson  (10:02)   That's wonderful. And how are you feeling within yourself? 

Sharna Dawson  (10:04)  Oh, like, so much better. I had previously, I had, like most, I'm 45 but I carry a lot of weight in my stomach like a lot of women do. You know, we carry weight. But I felt like I was like, Wow, I'm like six months pregnant. And I'm not. I'm not. I felt like I looked like when I had my two kids. I'm like, This is not okay. So I was heavy. I had a lot of pain. I have a shocking menstrual cycle, like tick the boxes, man. I was 100% pre-diabetic. I reckon I was too scared to go to a doctor, for them to talk to me about that. And I just knew those conversations were coming. And so like, — oh, we need to, you know, sit and chat. No, we don't. Like I knew when I was informed, but I don't have I don't have the heaviness. I don't have the pain. Like I used to get like heavy carbs or I'd get pain. I have irritable bowel syndrome, which I don't have issues with now. Maybe just a few eggs. I reckon I have a few issues with way too many eggs. But that's my body sort of getting used to stuff but I'm I don't have any of that now, and I feel lighter and less sore. Which is insane. 

Dr Mary Barson  (11:14)  That's wonderful. All of those beautiful, fearful changes for you beautiful human. And it's not as hard as you thought it would be.

Sharna Dawson  (11:25)  Oh my god, no. And you know what I'm loving. I know if you're gonna bring it up on the hypnos, like, the best thing ever. Right? So, my husband, I have to say like, my husband. Even when I did the gym prep 100% He cooks,  I’m the worst cook ever. Like I suck. But with your recipes, I can do stuff. Do you know what I mean? Like, I watch Lucy stuff. You guys make it look easy. And your stuff is super easy. But I still suck. I don't have the confidence I never had in cooking, right? But with your stuff, I'm able to pick and grab stuff. It's just it works. So my husband's 100% on board. And so overnight, I would listen to the hypnos, and I would put an earpiece in at first I didn't sound going and I just listened to hypnos and I'd go to sleep. He goes – Look, just take it off, or sleep anyway. And just leave it on the radio. So I'm playing these hypnos, pretty much every night. Next to my bedside table. My husband and I, we laugh, we cannot get past like, Mary your voice is so hypnotic. It's obviously that I don't know if you want to put people to sleep generally. But you've definitely. But you're very triggering. So we both can't get past, we wake up in the morning. We're like, where did you get to and he's like, I get to where Mary says relax. And you go I love and you go. Good. You go Good. Good. Perfect. It did. And I love that. And I am gone. Say Kim and I are gone. I got to one of the ones last night I heard you talk about a butterfly in the pot, I'm sending messages to my accountability buddy on it, Marie and I, and I'm going did does she talk about water? Can you like stay awake if you want for me? Because does she talk about water? I wake up so thirsty. And I want a yellow capsicum. Like these are stupid. And we would laugh so much. But you do talk about a yellow capsicum.

Dr Mary Barson  (13:32)  I do talk about a yellow capsicum I do and water drinking cool, calm, clear water. 

Sharna Dawson  (13:37)  Now, I have a water bottle with me. I don't drink water. I hate it. But I do it

Dr Mary Barson  (13:44)  But now you're drinking water. There you go!

Sharna Dawson  (13:46)  I drink water and both of us listen to it. And my husband, he's sort of eating the same as I am and he goes – I actually don't want carbs. And he's like, you know, 80-kilo dude. And he's just turned 50. He's like, I don't feel like I need to have these carbs. Like last night we had fish, you know, green veggies and stuff like and he goes, I feel full. I guess maybe it's the hypnos. So his request is like, can you make specific hypno plays for husbands and I'm like, calm down, mate. Because he's like, he'd like that more specifically.

Dr Mary Barson  (14:20)  Because they work. Yeah, yeah. All right. Specific hypnosis for husband. Yeah, I'll look into it for sure. I love that you're getting benefits from the hypnosis because we do have those positive suggestions about drinking water and all these healthful changes and that you fall asleep listening to them at night. So they still work, even if you're asleep. The medical hypnosis, I think is a really powerful part of our programs. I've got to like it.

Sharna Dawson  (14:47)  I love them and you know what, you've got to be careful like what your modules to. You have this amazing, soothing voice like you just do like you're just like, honey, man, listen to your voice. But when I listened to your modules, I just get triggered. I'm like, it's the same voice. So I'm like, this is so calming and relaxing. Yes, good. But it's good that you've got a balance of yourself because I don't want to listen to you when I drive. I'm like, I'm scared, you're gonna trigger me and fall asleep.

Dr Mary Barson  (15:16)  I'm really conscious that I need to have like a really bubbly voice right now. So I don't make you fall asleep with hypnotherapy.

Sharna Dawson  15:22  It's amazing. You triggered me, it's beautiful.

Dr Mary Barson  (15:28)  That's good. That's great. They are so helpful in so many ways. And I was so glad to help you get to sleep. You've got so much to your story. And thank you so much for sharing this, you've come from a place of great knowledge of health as a health educator involved in physical education. Plus, you've done bodybuilding and there's certainly like whether or not that's healthy or sustainable is definitely another topic. But there's a lot of knowledge that is required to engage in that you felt that you had you knew a lot, but we're struggling with the implementation. And just on air beforehand, you were talking about being an all-or-nothing person, and that this is something that is that has tripped you up in the past. Can you tell me more about that? Because I think that's something lots of people can relate to. 

Sharna Dawson  (16:22)  Yeah, sure. I think it started with me training at the gym, and I started five days a week. And I felt like okay, well, you know, I'm all in, I need to put all in this draw the line in the sand. I never wanted to compete, I just wanted to train like an athlete and eat like one. And then I got to the point where they're like, You know what, you're gonna have to go through with it. And I was just mortified because the outfits you know, for those that don't know, like a piece of floss and like, six-inch stripper heels, and for four layers of term likes definitely not a teacher-look, that's why I did it in Wagga. So no one had saved me. So you know, you have this knowledge, it's a dangerous combination, you have enough knowledge to get by, you know what's right and wrong. But when you combine that with an all-or-nothing mentality, I was going back to the gym when I put on weight because, you know, turning sedentary and not being an active PE teacher like I was, I was like– Ah it's shameful. I didn't want to go to the gym because I thought it was so stupid, I thought you're going to lose weight before you go to the gym. And that was a mentality I went into yet I heard the same comments when I was at the gym. And I went, that is the dumbest thing I've heard they need to come to the gym. But it's the shame that you feel before you step foot in the gym, that you need to lose weight. So I was training, finding it up six days a week, didn't have rest days, eating stupid. So I thought that's what I have to go back to. So when I was going back to the gym, I knew it's 80% nutrition. But my nutrition just wasn't on point. And I'm like do I have to eat like I used to eat in order to get results? So it was really hard for me mentally to overcome going you lost a lot of weight but I didn't want to sacrifice that. I didn't want to eat like a bird and train ridiculous and wreck my hormones in order to get a result. So when you guys created this, I was like this actually works. I'm losing weight. And you know what, I got vertigo last year, I got vertigo a year ago. And so I haven't been able to walk, I haven't been able to do a lot of exercise because of my vertigo. So I haven't been to a gym, yet. There are centimetres dropping off like I can just tell my clothes are different. I'm losing it in places like people are noticing. And it's like, you can do this and don't have to go to the extremes. And you get a real education from actual medical professionals, not people who have let second third hand what they think right. And it's actually not like it's so wrong. So to listen to you guys, tell us everything and be so sharing and give us this knowledge behind it. It's just such a great building block. And where there's like just build a plate. And I know people like but I want a specific meal plan and you like it's here. But knowing that I can just go anywhere and build a plate and go to out to eat and go here I just get a protein go that and you're just a bit more particular about where you eat. I just think it's so clever what you guys do and achievable.

Dr Mary Barson  (19:39)  Thank you so much. I'm so pleased that you feel that way. And you're a legend the way you are embracing this and taking this on. I'd love to know a little bit more about how your mindset is changing as you move through our program. What's going on inside your beautiful brain?

Sharna Dawson  (19:59) When you go like you're like- hey, beautiful human. Hey, beautiful-- you know how nice that is? Like, when you say straight up, you guys are like the nicest people straight. So already, when you come into it, you just know, I think mentally I thought, right, I'm up for it. It is like, you're shining, you're gonna cut out sugar. You're going to take there's no soft drink for you. There's no chocolate on the on the, you know, sneaky cheeseburger through Macca's. This is it, you're done. But you're going to this is going to be hard. And you guys are just like, you know what you human. And people in the group have said, which I find is so nice. The community is so nice and go, —Hey, you know what, I fell off the wagon today. And you guys like– it's okay, you're human. So straight up, you make people feel comfortable. So it was going to be my mental shift that had to change. And I'm quite a, you know, sarcastic sort of person. They go, —Oh, here we go, do you know what I mean, like here we go to like really nice humans. They don't know I'm gonna have the worst headaches like, and my staff that work with me. My husband works with me too. And he's just like, we don't want to be near you without sugar. Like, I don't want to be near me without sugar. And then the first couple of days when we're told about transitioning, and I think my head was like radio, this is going to be the worst. Good luck. Sharna, you're on your own. And I thought you know what, this is not that bad. I did get a little bit of a cold. But I think I could have gotten one of those spring colds anyway, who knows? But yeah, I don't feel the best. I do have a bit of a headache. But I remember Dr Lucy saying you push through watching the videos, just push through it. And if I could replay some of you know, it's not appropriate to put on a podcast. But some of the funniest messages, voice messages I was sending to my accountability, buddy going. This is so bad. Like, dude, if I saw, like, I'll tap out now, like 100% and we were sending these messages probably, I don't know.  20 a day to each other. And I'm like– Dude, that's so nice. But I'm done like, tapped me out me off. You're so quiet. We were laughing like the messages were that funny. We're keeping them because it just shows how far we'll come. And then I got through it. I'm like, You know what, I actually don't have a headache today. This was I reckon three days. I was like, this is weird. Obviously, it's going to hit me again. I'm gonna go down. And I was like, but I haven't. So mentally. I'm saying to people, I'm not even hungry. And everyone's like, waiting for these big scary Sharna to hop out. But I might. I'm not I'm not that person. And I'm still positive. I'm not hungry. I don't have headaches. And so up to the part where we're fasting. And so this is insane for me like I haven't. I haven't had breakfast this morning. I'm not eating lunch. But I don't miss it. And I'm not hungry. Now if you said that to me at the start sarcastic shot, which is still there, right? Or cynical, Sharna. I feel like kiss what? You're like, not eating at the moment. And you don't have a headache or be like, yeah, and who pays you to say that? It's insane. It's insane. And that's why just wherever I go, I'm like, go ahead. I was like, this is the best thing I've ever been on.

Dr Mary Barson  (23:22)  Love it. Oh, thank you. And I'm happy that sarcastic your Sharna is still there. But I'm also very happy that your headaches only lasted a few days and you're feeling great. That's wonderful.

Sharna Dawson  (23:32)  Yeah, and for someone that was so addicted to stuff it just really surprised me.

Dr Mary Barson  (23:38)  That was easier than you thought it would be. It's doable and you're getting all these fabulous benefits. We've got our like a 7 Day Sugar Free Reset coming up again on November 25th. Would you have any words of advice for anyone who is interested in perhaps giving it a go for $7 for 7 days, what would you say to these beautiful people?

Sharna Dawson  (23:58)  Oh my God, I'll pay it for them. I'll pay it for them. It's insane. Like $7, I actually didn't do it. So coming into your course that challenge was on prior. And I was too scared to do it. I just went hands down. That's no way, I was scared. So I'm like there's no way I'm going to do that. So that's why I just went nuts. I'm straight in and I'll do it as I go. I might do it. 100% do it for $7. My God, it costs you more in sugar. You know I used to go through so much sugar now which it's it's good to monitor because I can see my daughter adding in the sugar, you know in the cup of tea and she's the only one in my house now that has sugar. So I can actually monitor what she has because it used to be me and I couldn't hide from it. But oh my god, do it, $7. I pay him like whatever. Like I'll pay him to do it. It's that good.

Dr Mary Barson  (24:53)  Thank you so much gorgeous one. Ah, yeah, you're wonderful and your story is wonderful and I love it. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I work with disadvantaged youth headspace think, gosh, just helping our beautiful young people get jobs is very important. Could you tell our beautiful listeners a little bit about you and where they could find you if they wanted to learn more as well? 

Sharna Dawson  (25:24)  Yeah. 100%. So I created hands-on workshops for disengaged kids because as a teacher of a low socio-economic school, I had 1400 kids at my school and as a careers advisor, I was Groundhog Day, kids were coming in with a, you know, inappropriate clothes. They weren't, you know, addressing employers properly, they were wearing inappropriate makeup, it was like they're going to a nightclub, it's like, things are gonna change. So every time they came to me, I was repeating myself and I thought this has got to change and it can be quite a dry topic. And teachers like parents, we become white noise. So I thought it's got to be hands-on, you've got to have cool people deliver it. And it's got to be hands-on. So they learn and they can take the skills home after so I created the Edge Workshops. So Edge is hands-on. So I talked to him about pathways and all the amazing things that employers want and the basic things that you know, turn up on time, dress appropriately, you know, don't stink, all these types of things that time-poor parents don't have time to do. So I do hands-on haircuts. So I have barbers I take hair dresses, and they do interview hairstyles with a girl so every girl walks out with hairstyles. Guys, we walk out with haircuts,  I say we try to remove mullets as a community service. So we give out free haircuts. We have makeup lessons, and we have been supported by Emco Beauty, so the supermarket brand. So whatever is affordable, and the kids take all this home as well. They take all the gift packs home, and then have a stylist and they dress up and we show them clothes from Vinnies to Big W to whatever's in their area that's affordable, that they can recreate themselves. So yeah, we have these workshops, we were with the Department of Education and around 148 schools. And now we're going out to Broken Hill soon, Riverina and going to all sorts of organisations that help young people. Yeah, and you can find me at shannadawson.com.

Dr Mary Barson  (27:21)  There Perfect. Thank you. We'll put that link in the show notes. You are such a beautiful human, inside and out. And I think you're cool. I totally, totally think you're cool. I'm not a teenager. But I still think you're cool. Thanks. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming out today and telling us your beautiful story, and the wonderful transformation you've had. It's been an absolute absolute blast having you. 

Sharna Dawson  (27:49)  thank you so much and thank you for creating this program and seeing the need. And with both of yourself, you're such a powerhouse team. And I just think you provide such an amazing community and a support like this is just something I'll continue to do. Because it's achievable. You guys are just absolute gems, I love you!

Dr Mary Barson  (28:08)  Thank you so much. We love you too. Thank you and gorgeous people our 7 Day Sugar Free Reset is starting very soon, starting on November 25th. And these beautiful people, it's $7 for 7 days where you can get a fabulous first step into your last health and weight loss journey. It includes some of those wonderful hypnotherapy that Sharna and her hubby absolutely loved, as well as a very powerful short mini-course empowering you with great information, and a supportive community. It gives you what you need to boost your metabolism, improve your energy, and start to break up with sugar. And as Sharna says that is not as hard as you might initially believe. Especially when you get the right support, the right information and a bit of hypnosis can't hurt either. So check that out. $7 for 7 days, you can join at rlmedicine.com/nosugar or click the link below. It's going to be wonderful.

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