Weight Loss is all about Hormones

Our FREE e-book, written by us, Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson, explains:

  • Why it's your metabolic hormones driving fat storage
  • What macronutrients are
  • What you need to eat to lose weight
  • Why food is medicine

Real Life Medicine

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Learn from doctors experienced in weight loss for health. This book is the first step in your weight loss journey.

No hunger

It is impossible to lose weight permanently if you're hungry. Hunger trumps willpower. every. single. time.

Stop yo-yo dieting 

Get off the rollercoaster of weight going up and down by understanding how your body works. It's all about the hormones.

Open your woodshed

Find out what we mean when we say "open your woodshed". Unless your woodshed is open, you cannot burn your stored fat!

Who are we?

We are Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson, the founders of Real Life Medicine.  

Real Life Medicine was created in response to the epidemic of chronic disease swamping Australia and the rest of the world

Our passion is motivating people to make the changes necessary for their own health and their family's health.

We do this by empowering you to love, nurture, and care for your body, in a supportive environment, free of shame and guilt.

Our FREE e-book is the first step to long lasting health and weight loss

It's hard to get where you want to go if you've been given the wrong directions.

The current way of losing weight with calorie counting and restriction not only gives you the wrong directions, it gives you the wrong map! It provides you with the map to yo-yo dieting land.

Both Dr Lucy and Dr Mary had the map to yo-yo dieting land for many years. 10kg on, 10kg off, then 15kgs on and 12kgs off. You know how the story goes. 

At Real Life Medicine we will show you the right way to lose weight, gain health and get off the dieting rollercoaster.

We've helped hundreds of women and men to lose weight with kindness and compassion, free of guilt and shame. 

Losing weight is about gaining health, not a number on the scales. You are worth so much more than that!

It's time people. Learn how to unlock your woodshed and reclaim your health and your life!

"Imagine if everything you've been told about losing weight was wrong..."

Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson 

Real Life Medicine

Real Life Medicine

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