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Episode Twenty Three

  • Dr Mary Barson shares - A story about a slip-up Dr Mary had by eating some gelato that was not in line with her current goals. What were the repercussions of eating sugar?
  • Who is fluffy? - Fluffy is a 3 headed dog who is sound asleep inside of all of us, when we are eating low carb he stays quietly asleep.
  • Fluffy is awake - Eating something sweet or carb heavy can wake up one head of fluffy, now he is awake and looking for more carbohydrates. If you eat more carbohydrates, the second head and then the third head wakes up and now you are out of control.
  • 3 heads of fluffy are awake - This equals a carb craving monster who goes on a carb binge that can last for days, weeks or even months.
  • Using a compassionate approach - What's done is done, the way to put fluffy back to sleep is not to punish your body by being super restrictive or fasting. But eating low carb real food, filling meals to get you past the cravings.
  • Planning ahead - If you are planning to eat sweets or carbohydrates, then have a plan for getting back on track with nutritious and filling low carb real food.
  • Progress not perfection - You can recommit to your healthy lifestyle at any moment, at any bite and as many times as necessary.