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Episode Twenty Two

  • Low carb presenters - Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns presented at Deacon University second year medical students lifestyle medicine conference.
  • Times are changing - there is more awareness of a low carb lifestyle for the treatment of obesity within the medical community.
  • Obese people are not just big thin people - An obese person's physiology is different to a lean person, the treatment and prevention of obesity are different.
  • There are 3 ways to lower insulin - Low carb lifestyle, fasting, medication.
  • Low carb to lower insulin - Your body responds to carbohydrate consumption by producing insulin. Less carbohydrate consumption, less insulin produced and circulated.
  • Intermittent fasting to lower insulin - After you have reduced your carbohydrates for a period of time, this is the next technique to add in. It is helpful to reduce insulin and promote weight loss with minimal side effects.
  • Metformin for lowering insulin - A medication which assists the muscles to be more sensitive to insulin, so the insulin can work more effectively.
  • Blue zones - Pockets of traditional communities around the world that have a high degree of longevity, health and wellness.
  • Does the blue zone diet work? - It is not just the food, as important as food is. Other factors that contribute to health and well being include - sleep, community involvement, stress reduction, purpose and social connection.