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Episode Twenty

  • Self-compassion - To be aware of suffering in others and yourself and alleviate it.
  • Self-love and weight loss - Be kind to yourself as you are right now, don't wait until you have lost weight or improved your health to love yourself.
  • The importance of compassion - If you have a slip-up and eat some off-plan foods, self-compassion allows us to forgive, learn and move on. Rather than hate, berate and throw it all in!
  • Self-compassion scientifically proven - Being kind to yourself has been proven to result in a better outcome with people sticking to healthy behaviour change.
  • A learned skill - We can all learn self-compassion and to be kind to ourselves, even though it can be difficult for some people.
  • 3 steps to behaviour change - Be kind to yourself, understand that you are human and be mindful.
  • Be kind to yourself - An exercise that can help is this; rather than berate yourself over your slip up, imagine what you would say to a child or your friend who had made a mistake. Then internalise that advice for yourself.
  • Understand that you are human - We are flawed and fallible and we will all make small and large mistakes at times in our lives. It is okay not to be perfect.
  • Be mindful - A simple and important skill to learn. Mindfulness allows us to find a space between a stimulus and our response.
  • Mindfulness - Is a skill that you can learn. It is the ability to bring your attention to your experiences in the present moment in a non-judgemental way.