$147.00 AUD

This is a match made in heaven! The Doctor's Complete Guide to Low Carb Living pairs perfectly with Hypnosis for Real Health and Weight Loss. It's normally $147 but you can have it for an extra $50. 

Hypnosis for Real Health and Weight Loss

This holistic program provides you with a daily hypnosis session for 30 days 

This is more than a weight loss program. It includes sessions to help your brain manage stress and to improve your whole wellbeing...

This is the reason we want to lose weight, right?

So we can feel better. This program gets you feeling better straight away!

Produced by doctors you can trust, this is a safe program and we guarantee you will not be quacking like a duck!

If you are busy and overwhelmed, this program is the perfect antidote. 

Simply lie back and listen. 

It includes: 

  • 10 sessions to heal and nurture your body back to health
  • 10 sessions to unblock your mind and harness your inner motivation and change your mindset
  • 10 sessions to soothe your spirit and bring calmness and tranquillity to your life