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How to End After Dinner Snacking US

Yay! for you on starting your journey to Real Health and Weight Loss.

We will provide you with proven strategies that will help you overcome night time eating whilst taking you through the following modules:

⭐️ What exactly is Night Time Eating?

⭐️ What is the problem with Night Time Eating?

⭐️ Why do we do Night Time Eating?

⭐️ How to stop Night Time Eating?

⭐️ Consolidating Everything

Plus we give you Dr Lucy's Sugar Addiction Masterclass and guided hypnosis sessions that will strengthen your learning, improve stress management, and supercharge your journey to long-lasting behaviour change and long-lasting health.

* $32 is a special introductory offer until Tuesday 19 July 2022 only. Price thereafter reverts to $66.