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Add in 30 days of powerful hypnosis sessions to really harness your subconscious mind. Normally $147, but with The Doctor's Complete Guide to Low Carb Living, it is only $50.

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The Doctor's Complete Guide to Low Carb Living

This is a holistic program that will take you from  overwhelmed and overweight, to in control and full of health.

What you'll get:

  • A comprehensive, self paced 4-week program that answers all your questions about low carb living.
  • Holistic health advice based in science, from doctors you can trust.
  • An amazing recipe collection to download, with super easy, healthy low carb meals the whole family will love. 
  • Beautifully designed worksheets, so you can turn the knowing into doing!
  • Weekly downloadable hypnosis sessions, to harness your subconscious and make the doing even easier.

But what exactly do you get?

There are over 40 videos covering the following topics: 

  • We show you how to lose weight without being hungry! “That’s insane right - surely in order to lose weight I need to eat less and so I have to be hungry, right?” WRONG. When you eat with our recommended eating style, we can absolutely guarantee you will not be hungry. 
  • Losing weight is just diet and exercise, right? WRONG. We debunk the old myths around calorie counting, and explain why you need to stop calorie restriction if you want permanent weight loss.
  • We expose the myths on eating fat. How much should you eat?... Can you eat too much?.... “I don’t have a gallbladder.”... “What about my cholesterol?” - We go through all of these things and explain how to lose weight consistently and safely. 
  • What will my doctor say? We guide you through any questions you have about medication, blood tests, and we even provide a letter you can take to your doctor if you want to.
  • Keep it simple. We give you a framework to build upon, so you can continue to eat this way forever. We have a set of simple rules - The Golden Rules that make decisions easy. This is the foundation, and getting this right is imperative for success. This is not a quick fix, but a long term solution to your weight problem so you can be rid of it once and for all!
  • The Transition Period is where most women make their biggest mistakes. We guide you through this so you know what to expect, and how to navigate it. We want you to succeed, and we have pre-empted any trouble spots with a roadmap to steer you through. 
  • We show you which foods to eat for health and weight loss and they may not be what you think. Food can either help you or harm you. We show you how to create delicious, simple food to maximise your nutrition, nourish your body, nurture your soul, and you will lose weight along the way. How good is that!
  • Food to keep you full. Hunger is something that most people are worried about. We show you short cuts to delicious food combinations that ensure you will not be hungry. It’s so much easier to lose weight when you are not hungry! 
  • Recipes... We have gathered for you, incredible recipes that are easy and family-friendly. How often have you bought a recipe book, only to never open it? Well, we have sourced for you, the perfect recipe collection - not too many, just the right amount to offer you choice without overwhelming you.
  • What about alcohol? “Do I have to stop drinking to lose weight?” No! Interestingly not all alcohol is created equally and the answer is, you can still drink alcohol and lose weight! We reveal which drinks are best and which drinks are worst for health and weight loss, and have a cheat sheet to make it easy!
  • Inflammatory Foods. We show you which foods increase inflammation and which ones decrease it. What you eat matters! Inflammation causes so many health issues, including joint pain and skin conditions.  Simply changing what you eat, reduces pain, increases energy, and improves your skin. You will be radiant both on the inside and the outside! 
  • Eating out can be a challenge, right? WRONG. Eating out is easy when you know what and where to eat. We give you our quick guide to eating out.

Exciting right?

On top of all of this, we are gifting you 4 of our favourite hypnotherapy sessions, to really harness the power of your subconscious.

We have given you everything you need to get started and take yourself from overweight and overwhelmed, to in control and full of health. 

[Please note, this is generalised health advice. If you wish to have a personalised medical consultation, you can do so by booking an individual appointment.]